Do You Hate The Government Or Do You Hate This Government

As anyone who has followed this blog over the years will know I’ve had quite a transformation in political beliefs.  This isn’t uncommon given my age and I don’t necessarily think it’s uncommon to go through the steps in the order I went through them.  Without minute details of these beliefs I went from conservative (brainwashed neo conservative) to paleo conservative to libertarian to anarcho capitalist to national socialist.  Wait what?  The last step was certainly the most extreme.

Mind you that I’m putting names on these so that you’ll be familiar with them, it doesn’t mean at any point I was all one or all the other but rather that my thoughts were most closely aligned with that label at that time.  If you follow the blog posts from 07 to now I think you can see a lot of that playing out (at least I can in hindsight).  This is not to say that once my beliefs changed I suddenly realized how foolish I had been and now hate well intentioned people in any of those groups because I don’t but I also do not claim to be a part of them and obviously have enough issues with some of their core beliefs to preclude me from being in their ranks.

Most conservatives myself included at the time were not big on the government, at least in its current form, although they’re quite a fan when they’re steering the boat, this disingenuous attitude was one of the main things which pushed me towards paleo conservative and libertarian (the other being the overwhelming neo conservative power within the republican party).  Libertarians dislike all government all the time and that appealed to me as it was uniform and at least on paper they wouldn’t pick up the hammer and beat you to death with it given the opportunity.  However libertarians as a whole are so out of touch with many apparent Truths that I could no longer stand it.  They loathe “collectivism” yet collectively and naively agree that everybody is equal and should be treated as such.  This is very detrimental.  It wasn’t this particular thread but rather a thread at a now defunct forum which really got me to analyze what libertarians are all about.  While this isn’t the thread it was started by the same poster and the same topics were discussed.

During this entire process I was understanding more and more of the jewish role in the world, so when I really began to analyze libertarianism and the jewish hand therein it became apparent very quickly.  Anarchy and anarcho capitalism are all lumped into that role as well, when you study history even recent history and look at jewish infiltration tactics you realize that they need a non nationalistic society.  One comment I read somewhere online in particular stays with me to this day and this is a paraphrase but “why do we need libertarianism?  We already have a society which puts no bounds on morality” I’ll never forget that and the profound effect it had on me.

As I morphed out of this libertarian anarchist period in my life I was met with the question “do you hate THE government, or do you hate THIS government” and the longer I thought about it the more I realized that in fact I do not hate laws or rules in and off themselves or people in authority.  However having grown up in a quasi communist country where I can’t literally point to 5 laws which benefit me personally I think I was turned off to the entire ideas of laws and authority.  Every law that is passed today is passed to benefit some group, and that group isn’t me and it probably isn’t you.  These are passed to benefit various small groups usually financially or to protect them from you.  I think in modern society it’s hard to imagine a law that’s truly to the benefit of everyone and only the detriment to those who would harm the country.  It’s hard to envision a decent law because we just take it as commonly accepted facts that “well politicians lie” and so we have grown accustomed to groveling at the scraps of whatever they pass.

National Socialism as I describe it for myself anyway, is a nation (homogenous) whose government exists to protect and to serve the people.  To realize that a rising tide does float all boats and we’re all in this together.  Helping your neighbor does benefit you.   The closest example of this that I’m aware of is of course Hitlers Germany.  Looking back now especially it’s just a mere blip on the worlds timeline but it was long enough to get a glimpse if it was viable.  I think of it like a body, whereas your immune system must band together to fight a disease.  If your immune system was libertarian the virus would have to show aggression towards every individual white blood cell lest the other blood cells say “well that virus hasn’t done anything to me, spew your collectivist propaganda elsewhere”.  Thankfully your immune system does act as a collective and when one part senses danger the rest of the body is enlisted to fight off the attack.

So maybe you’re some point on this road that I’ve traveled and I hope this post gives you some food for thought.