moot Has Killed /pol/

Moots money men


Yesterday for reasons yet to be confirmed moot (creator and owner of 4chan) has taken steps to ruin the sub board /pol/ (which stands for politically incorrect). While /pol/ was crawling with trolls of all kinds it was a daily source of great information if you ignored the retarded troll threads completely.

Now though the place has been overrun, word filters are in place, some audio called “the 8 steps of cuckolding” plays in the background as you browse /pol/ (but not the rest of the site)

So I wanted to remind everyone seeking refuge from this nonsense that


is open for business. Trolls will be doxed, permabanned on the spot. Why spend time posting at a chan where the ownership and moderators are suspect? There are no captachas at our chan, VPN’s and proxies are encouraged so with the right steps it can be as anonymous as possible on the internet.

Please spread the word, and the free flow of information can continue.