Bruce Jenner

In many ways I hate to even write this article.  I rarely jump on these bandwagons of popular debate because I want the issues to just die and don’t want to perpetuate them or increase their importance with debate.  Having said that I think this is such a prime example of America 2015 that I can hardly pass it up.

If you need a point of reference to see how far we’ve come in a short time look no further than American Psychiatric Association which in 1973 due to political pressure took homosexuality of the mental disorder list.  1973 was not very long ago.  42 years and now we have gone from considering homosexuals to be deviant mental cases to totally and completely normal.  42 years considering the span of human history is the blink of an eye.  15 years ago it was pretty important that you just tolerate queers, “hey just let them get benefits they can’t help who they love” but you can see tolerance isn’t enough, tolerance was never enough.  Now you have to serve them, to bake them cakes if they demand it.  Acceptance was always the goal, you just have to go through the tolerance phase first.

Now that homosexuality is completely normal and sane you have to accept these fucking lunatics like Bruce Jenner wanting to cut their dicks off and shave their adams apple off and grow tits.  Now that’s not just normal you fucking bigots, he’s “brave”.  Really “brave”?  That’s how you would describe a man who wants to be a woman?  What mother fucking planet is this?  Someone who dies protecting their family, or bleeds out in a battlefield protecting their country is brave.  Someone who cuts their dick off and thinks long hair will make them a woman is an absolute lunatic.


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  1. Excellent article. However, I must disagree with: “Acceptance was always the goal.” As I’ve said on the Forum and at other fora, the faggot plan is TOLERANCE > ACCEPTANCE > PARTICIPATION. Even if the “participation” is merely in the form of a support role, such as baking faggot “wedding” cakes or taking photos of the unholy faux “matrimony.” Note how the mental & moral defectives are shrieking about how Christian and other sane folks must participate in serving the abominators, or face the wrath of the Jewdicial system’s thuggery.

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