Has Everyone Lost Their Minds?

That question has probably crossed everyones mind in the last 15 years at least.  You think “how could people vote for obama” “how could people support this policy or that policy” When you look around you do feel like you’re surrounded by mindless zombie idiots.  And for the most part you are.

I’ve heard so many republicans say “50% don’t even pay taxes” “half the people get free healthcare” and in saying these things they’re so close to getting it.  50% don’t pay taxes and get free healthcare (among a myriad of other benefits) because 50% aren’t White.

Take comfort in the fact that in large part people didn’t lose their minds, but they’re voices were drowned out by hordes of people who are incompatible with your culture.  The culture that literally forged this country.  “kids aren’t even taught about the Founding Fathers anymore” well no shit, that’s because more than half of them in schools aren’t even the same race as the founders.  Why should a bunch of somalis give a damn about Thomas Jefferson?

When you look at the voting map it becomes blatantly obvious that what I’m saying is true.


That’s a map of how the votes would go if the original voting laws in the country were upheld.  (frankly I don’t think they’re taking into account land ownership or sound mind in which case they would be even more staggering)

Look at that for a second and let it sink in.  This is why you will literally NEVER have a politician who serves White interests.  Why do they all become more left wing every year?  Why are they in a race to give benefits to seemingly everything and everyone?  To get votes, and not yours.  Sure they’ll pay lip service to being a Christian, because that’s an easy way to carry the bible belt and it doesn’t offend the catholic mexicans but other than that your votes don’t mean much so they really don’t give a damn what you think.




I encourage you to visit that link and study and see how every single change to voting laws has stacked the deck against White males.  This is why voting is just beating your head against the wall.  If you’re White and the interests of White people are important to you than voting in hopes of changing things in your favor is a waste.  Go ahead and go to plan B because plan A is already shown not to work.