The Daily Shoah Podcast RSS Feed

Back in December 2014 a long time member of the forum posted a link to a relatively new podcast called “The Daily Shoah

I’ve listened to the first 30 episodes and they’re very enjoyable.

The only downside is that they do not have an official RSS feed so you have to download each episode individually from soundcloud vs having them downloaded automatically by an app on your phone.

I found a site though that will convert a sound cloud feed into an RSS feed so you can use it with the podcasting app of your choice. Here is a working RSS feed Daily Shoah

Just copy and paste that link into your podcasting app (by manually adding a podcast). I have done this myself in Doggcatcher and it pulled the 10 most recent episodes without trouble.

If you have any issues let me know in the comments.

Send TRS an email directly asking them to put up an official Daily Shoah RSS Feed

[email protected]