They Don’t Hate The Flag


Since the shooting in Charleston South Carolina nearly every major retailer has stopped selling Confederate Battle Flags. Unless you’ve been under a rock this isn’t news to you. The marxists don’t want to ban it because it’s racist and bigoted and gives blacks flashbacks to slavery. I’ve lived in the South my entire life and haven’t known anyone of any color to be remotely offended by it. The jewish media however tells them that they should be offended. Tells them that it’s racist. They try to whip up a frenzy and like they do they turn a non issue into a national news event.

I take the stance RAMZPAUL did regarding the shooting which is “I guess they were at the wrong place at the wrong time”. He was of course quoting the media in regards to White kids being killed by blacks, that to them is a non issue so why should this be an issue to me? Look up the racial crime statistics, blacks kill thousands of Whites per year, rape thousands of White women per year (in America alone) but that’s not news fit to print apparently. Because that news doesn’t fit the narrative. However the Confederate Flag being racist does fit the narrative so they run with it.

To understand where I’m coming from nearly requires you to understand jews and to understand how they view Whites. This is such a vast topic and well beyond the scope of this post, but just read this blog and the forum if you really want to know. The marxists (primarily and led by jews today as it was from day one) do not hate the flag. They hate you. They hate White Christian America.

For those who either aren’t from the US or are not from the South especially you might not understand the significance of that flag. As I said I’ve lived in the South my entire life and it is far and away the biggest source of pride a Southerner has. You see it flying to this day in the back of pick up trucks, bumper stickers, shirts, belt buckles you name it and it’s there. We’re very proud to be from the South and for our ancestors to have fought on the correct side of that war. As someone @rebel_bill eloquently put it on twitter recently “the last soldier to die for my freedom wore grey” and that’s the damn truth.

When you grasp the hatred the marxists have for White Christianity and when you see the importance that the rebel flag as a symbol is to the White Southerner you understand why it has to go. They do not want us to have a banner to rally behind like our ancestors did. If we love it, they want to banish it from thought. It reminds me of when in 1984 they don’t even want us to possess the words in order to describe our problems. They do not just want it to be removed from public, they don’t want you to own one.

It is imperative that you understand that. Any time you see an attack on something you hold dear be it this flag or the ten commandments or the nuclear family on a TV show. Realize that it is indeed an attack on you. It is an unrelenting assault on everything that you value. Read about what happened when the jews took control of Russia and see the parallels for yourself. This will never stop on its own so don’t expect it to.

Step 1 is identifying the cause of the problem
Step 2 is being realistic as to how things are going to play out

2 thoughts on “They Don’t Hate The Flag

  1. Great article, Max. You stated truth with heart and with intelligence. People who have never understood had better fast begin to understand. It is their lives – and, all of our lives; and it is not about only our ways of life.

    • Hey Flanders, glad you enjoyed it.

      People do need to understand and I think they are. It’s just a long road.

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