Is 8chan A Honeypot?

The following pictures were posted by a member of the Truth In Our Time Forum in a zip file titled “The Brennan Dossier”. You can find the original post here which contains the original download link. Here is a mega link as backup. These pictures are categorized within the zip file into folders which makes it easier to understand what’s going on.   A couple of the pictures are NSFW and I didn’t include them in this gallery.

For those unfamiliar, 8chan gained popularity with the fall of 4chon as well as the chaos surrounding moot’s departure in 4chans /pol/.  8chan allows users to create imageboards on any topic they choose.  8chan’s /pol/ has become a popular imageboard for alt right posting however it is clear from the way the site is run and especially in light of the evidence below that Fredrick Brennan (hotwheels) at best is ideologically against the posters at /pol/ and at worst running a JIDF honeypot.

This is especially concerning in light of the revelations that moot, like Brennan was and continues to be financed by New York jews.

Moots money men




Below you can view the pictures as of 8/15/15 in “The Brennan Dossier”



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