You Did It America

Congratulations America, you did it. You rejected the only man who has a proven track record of abiding by the Constitution, the only one who is true to the vision of our founders. You pissed on this man, you laughed along with Hannity, you let Fox News and talk radio fill your head so full of shit it was running out of your ears.

The way Ron Paul was treated by the jews media and by the GOP left a taste so bitter in my mouth I will never forget it. I said at the time when Ron Paul was constantly slandered to the point where he lost the primary, that if he isn’t the nominee I hope they lose every single election from now until eternity. I’m not going to just go along and grab my ankles and vote for some marxist asshat like Mitt for Brains.

So way to go America, you rejected the only man who could’ve beaten Obama, twice.

People get the government they deserve, unfortunately in a democracy I also get the government they deserve. Which is one reason why democracy is a horrendous system.

Welcome to the USSA, land of retards.

Recommendations For 11/6/12

We have already seen evidence that a Romney victory will lead to black on White crime, and today may be your last day to prepare. So I hope everyone is doing last minute preparations, and topping your car and spare gas cans with fuel.

I will remind you that after BHO won the first time, ammunition was incredibly scarce even a year later. Every gun I saw doubled in price for at least a year so if you are on the fence, now is the time to buy when things are still relatively available.

If you live in a high crime area, be doubly on your guard tomorrow as we may see all manner of shenanigans before during and after the polls close.

Leaked Presidential Debate Memo Shows There Is No Honest Debate


They aren’t permitted to ask each other questions, propose pledges to each other, or walk outside a “predesignated area.” And for the town-hall-style debate tomorrow night, the audience members posing questions aren’t allowed to ask follow-ups (their mics will be cut off as soon as they get their questions out). Nor will moderator Candy Crowley.

Most bizarrely, given the way the debates have played out, the rules actually appear to forbid television coverage from showing reaction shots of the candidates: “To the best of the Commission’s abilities, there will be no TV cut-aways to any candidate who is not responding to a question while another candidate is answering a question or to a candidate who is not giving a closing statement while another candidate is doing so.” The “best of the Commission’s abilities” must be rather feeble, seeing as how almost every moment of the two debates so far was televised in split-screen, clearly showing shots of a “candidate who is not responding to a question while another candidate is answering a question.”

Which means some of the rules below that both campaigns stipulated to in a desperate attempt to wring any serendipity out of the events may be honored in the breach:

“The candidates may not ask each other direct questions during any of the four debates.”

“The candidates shall not address each other with proposed pledges.”

“At no time during the October 3 First Presidential debate shall either candidate move from his designated area behing the respective podium.”

For the October 16 town-hall-style debate, “the moderator will not ask follow-up questions or comment on either the questions asked by the audience or the answers of the candidates during the debate….”

“The audience members shall not ask follow-up questions or otherwise participate in the extended discussion, and the audience member’s microphone shall be turned off after he or she completes asking the questions.”

“[T]he Commission shall take appropriate steps to cut-off the microphone of any…audience member who attempts to pose any question or statement different than that previously posed to the moderator for review.”

“No candidate may reference or cite any specific individual sitting in a debate audience (other than family members) at any time during a debate.”

For the town-hall debate: “Each candidate may move about in a pre-designated area, as proposed by the Commission and approved by each campaign, and may not leave that area while the debate is underway.”

The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns