Surprise, Zimbabwe’s Elections Weren’t Fair

The so called “Khampepe Report” has been released which concludes the following regarding Mugabe’s election in 2002.  Communist leaders have fought the release of this report to the public because it details their crimes.


  • The elections in Zimbabwe, more than anything else, have been characterised by a high level of polarisation between the Zanu-PF and MDC, and between members of their respective parties.
  • Intimidation and violence in certain areas of Zimbabwe were the hallmark of the pre-election period. At least 107 people, whose names, places of residence and dates of death have been published, were reported killed in attacks related to political violence between March 2000 and election month March 2002. Although police were extremely reluctant to provide statistics, the majority of these victims are said to be members or supporters of the MDC.
  • It is common cause that the Zanu-PF has established a military trained youth group, known as youth militia. Reports by the SA and other observer missions show that these youth militia have been the primary perpetrators of violence and intimidation against members and supporters of the MDC or sections of the population that appear not to support Zanu-PF.
  • In varying degrees, this election-related violence and threats of violence, arson and hostage-taking have curtailed freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and of association of voters.
  • In the lead-up to the presidential elections, the electoral laws of Zimbabwe were amended dramatically and manipulated by executive decrees.
  • Final voter rolls and information on polling stations were not available timeously.
  • There was no equal or equitable access to publicly owned and funded media.
  • The executive government discarded the rule of law by failing to give effect to decisions of the high court and the Supreme Court, and introducing statutory instruments or regulations that altered, reversed or undermined court decisions.
  • Police treatment of supporters of each of the two main candidates appears to have been partial.
  • The number of polling stations in urban constituencies, and particularly in Harare and Chitungwiza, were substantially reduced. This reduction severely curtailed voters’ access to polling stations. On the third day of polling, many voters who wished to cast their vote did not have a reasonable opportunity to do so. The number of voters prevented from voting could not be ascertained.
  • It should, however, be recorded that in all the other constituencies, polling stations were easily accessible to the electorate. The secrecy of the ballot was observed. Requirements such as effective design of ballot papers, ballot boxes, impartial assistance to voters, transporting of election materials where necessary and protection of polling stations were accomplished.


You can read more about this story here



Considering White Privilege

We’re at least 60 years into the culture war now. Certainly the time is much longer when you consider the groundwork that was laid for well over 100 years for marxism to subvert our culture and destroy us as a people from within. But for this post I’m just discussing the full frontal assault of cultural marxism in the 50s-70s. Specifically the assault as it pertains to racial questions.

The argument for integration was that blacks aren’t succeeding and thriving in America like other races but specifically Whites was due to the fact that they had separate schools and separate bathrooms and apparently all of the good teachers were hired at the White schools and the ones that were left got to teach the black kids. Things were separate, nobody would argue that so it made for a very distinct and tangible thing for the marxists to point out which could be changed and would supposedly raise the socio economic status of the negro.

Fast forward a decade or two and the negro is still no better off even though he’s had literally the exact same education as the White children. So what can be blamed? How can this be? Since we’re all equal how can this be explained? Clearly it was racist White business owners not hiring blacks and giving them opportunities to better themselves. We’ll fix it by making hiring quotas, affirmative action where you MUST hire a certain number of minorities.

Now another few decades have gone by and you still drive down MLK Blvd in ANY CITY IN AMERICA and it is the shittiest part of town. What area has the most crime, lowest property value, worst schools? The black side. Every. Single. Time.

So now the marxist face quite a conundrum and it’s how after free education, free jobs, free welfare, free healthcare a totally free existence the blacks are still NO better off than they were the day after they left the plantation? They still rely on the White man to feed them, pay for their children etc. Only now the “slave master” is the tax payer, but it’s still a White man holding black society up from total collapse.

So we all know that we’re all equal so how is it blacks don’t appear to be to any sane thinking person? Enter “white privilege”. I hadn’t even heard this term until maybe 1-2 years ago, if I did it never caught my attention but it’s really something. So you may ask why blacks don’t appear to be equal despite continuous efforts to make them so, but with “white privilege” you will never understand. You won’t understand because you’re White, you don’t know what the ghetto is like, or growing up raised by your auntie, or what it’s like to crave nothing but “purple drank”. You don’t even know how good your life is just being White, jobs fall in your lap, women fall in your bed and everyone loves you. So the problem is now YOU. You are the one, who by no fault of your own mind you, keep the minorities down, just by existing you deny them jobs and a chance to better themselves. From what I’m told they’re all in Section Ape housing as I type this sending out resumes left and right but they can’t get hired….Because you’re White and they’re not. Civilization is just so racist it seems.

“white privilege” is my favorite because it’s the end of the line for the cultural marxists who can no longer explain the obvious inequalities of the races without inventing insane concepts and using childish arguments of “you wouldn’t understand, you can’t understand because you’re White”. But thinking past this, just answer them with asking “why”. Why is it that Whites founded this country and not blacks? Why were the Whites the slaveowners and blacks the slaves? Why has it always been up to the Whites to “do something” to better black society? Sure it’s harder to go from being born sipping purple drank in the ghetto to a Harvard PhD but why are blacks the ones in ghettos? The point is at some point you can’t blame your problems on someone else. The problem with this marxist endgame of it becoming so blatant is that people are either totally filled with White guilt, or they’re awake. Going forward there won’t be a middle ground. They’re on thin ice.

Now It’s Front Page News

I’ve heard quite a bit in the news recently about “happy slapping” or niggers ambushing victims from behind knocking them out. I’ve covered this since at least 2010 so I was sort of perplexed why literally these past few weeks I started to hear regular stories about “knockout games”. Then I read this article and it all made perfect sense, now I see why it’s news.

GOA Posts Picture Of Mandela, Supporters Revolt

For a short background of why this is such a huge issue, lookup “mandela necklacing” this is the favorite act of the ANC wherein they would murder White South Africans by placing a tire around the torso and filling it with fuel and lighting it on fire, it might take 30 minutes for the person to die in this way, it’s sickening and the people that carried it out should be executed, not promoted like the GOA is doing.

The Gun Owners of America recently uploaded this picture to their facebook page.


This is the response they received from their fans on facebook, overwhelming outrage.

(click for full size)

Gun Owners of America - Springfield, VA - Non-Profit Organization - Photos_Facebook_20130708-224348



I urge everyone to call GOA and tell them what you think about them supporting a racist communist terrorist on their facebook page.

Phone # 703 321 8585

or visit

Tell them you heard about this outrage at Truth In Our Time!




This is a direct quote taken from the GOA blog

Now, this one with Mandela got a lot of negative buzz.  Apparently some people have clung to his criminal past and as such invalidate his later achievements.  I heard some really abhorrent things from people who painted Mandela as a monster who hates white people and wants to exterminate them.  To that, I just have to say that when Nelson Mandela was elected President he had the power to wipe out white South Africans from the country, either by genocide or by economically seizing everything from them.  There were many black South Africans who wanted him to do just that.  Mandela chose to bring the country together, learning from his criminal past that violence and retribution is not the way.


28% Of Schoolgirls In South Africa Have AIDS


As many as 28 percent of South African schoolgirls are HIV positive, according to figures from the country’s health minister reported by local media on Thursday.

Unveiling statistics that minister Aaron Motsoaledi admitted “destroyed my soul,” he added that four percent of schoolboys have the virus.

“It is clear that it is not young boys who are sleeping with these girls. It is old men,” the Sowetan newspaper quoted Motsoaledi as saying.

“We can no longer live like that,” he said.

Motsoaledi called for an end to the trend of young girls becoming involved with “sugar daddies.”

Motsoaledi also revealed that 94,000 South African schoolgirls fell pregnant in 2011, some aged as young as 10.

South Africa has one of the world’s highest HIV/AIDS infection rates, although the number of cases resulting in death is in sharp decline.

Official figures show that South Africa has six million people living with HIV, in a population of 50 million.

The country has the largest anti-retroviral programme in the world, serving 1.7 million.

The health department recently introduced measures to curb the spread of HIV among school children, introducing voluntary testing and suggesting condom distribution at schools.

The Desexing of Beyonce


Throw a stick and see if she catches it.

The female pop star is akin to the mayfly; a delicate little creature that appears briefly, in the flower of its life, flutters around, oohs and aahs, and then disappears…no one knows where. This is its essence and natural law. If it continues past its sell-by-date it has to evolve into a different creature and jettison much of what makes it it.

I use the term it advisedly, in order to reflect the great wisdom and discovery of our gloriously enlightened age, namely that gender is just another color painted on the canvas – or a squiggly line on the etch-a-sketch – of human nature.

An it can be a he when it wants, or a she – lift up the toilet seat or lay it down; a pitcher or a catcher, a patcher or citcher; the possibilities are endless and we haven’t even introduced sheep, children, or dead people yet.

By abolishing this arbitrary distinction between one half of humanity and the other, think of all the human kapital that can be unleashed and marketized in the same way that we were able to marketize the ability of the financially illiterate to pay off mortgages!

But back to Beyonce and any other female pop star who’s been at it too long. Blinded by the limelight’s glare they flutter unthinkingly across the Faustian line into rather too much success and somewhat too lengthy a career. But instead of their souls, which possibly remain locked up in their little toes, what they end up losing is their femininity.

We’ve been here before: Madonna at the start of her career. If not exactly virginal, there was nevertheless something girlish, sexy, even cute about her; typified by her mascaraed doe eyes, downy eyebrows, and candy-store costumery: a guilty pleasure, a furry peach, a naughty little girl, innocence begging corruption.

But then she also strayed beyond the chronology of the pop mayfly, something she could only do by jettisoning all femininity. That and that alone would make the God of Pop-Death turn away and bestow his amnesia-inducing attentions elsewhere. From the faux-innocence of femininity that evoked thoughts of deflowerment, she turned herself into a desert of sexless depravity.

The form this took was a bundle of rigorously honed muscles on bone; a gyrating automaton that robotically aped sexuality in all its absurdity; sex on a stick projected at a fast retreating public; one giant car-crash with a million rubber-neckers, a freak-show for the name-recognition generation, the great unwashed collectors of unlistened to CDs.

We see the same thing with Beyonce. Widely regarded as the most beautiful “woman of color,” she has been trapped by that vital PR role and the R’n’B references of her ethnicity to pump and grind and shake that booty like the flywheel of a steam engine till every hint of femininity has been stripped away, leaving only a ghastly marionette show; a grinning death’s head caricature of sexuality that fits perfectly into a stadium-filling aesthetic that has its roots in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

“The Fame Monster,” Lady Gaga called it without knowing what she was referring to. We want our Whores of Babylon, but they have to be mighty. But they can only be mighty by losing all feminine weakness and becoming pure Will-to-Power dressed in leather lingerie. To drive the machine of global fame, they have to accept a kind of “unigender fascism,” a mixture of masculine muscle, howling, and pain comingled with the feminine desire to be loved and coveted: emotionally feminine; physically masculine.

Spengler said apropos the approach of Fascism:

“Hardness, Roman hardness is taking over now. Soon there will be no room for anything else. Art, yes; but in concrete and steel. Literature, yes; but by men with iron nerves and uncompromising depth of vision.”

If he had known the popular culture of our times, he would have recognized Beyonce as a misplaced manifestation of his thought. Show business is a Fascistic realm of ruthless competition. The competition may be towards the crassest, the lamest, or the lowest common denominator, but it is competition all the same and just as ruthless as the Stalingrad front.

The dynamic of show business is vertical not horizontal; it is masculine not feminine, and those women who push themselves to get to top can only excel by becoming its and not shes.

Because she’s Black – despite her mulatto blood, skin lightener, and hair straightener (wigs?) – Beyonce can go a lot further along this road before anyone dare notice that the empress, while not exactly naked, looks pretty fucking gruesome, and more like the emperor or Conan the Barbarian.

Her half-time show at the Super Bowl brought this into focus. Called on to outdo her usual schlock, she overreached herself causing her mask to slip beyond the PR recovery zone, presenting photographers with the chance to capture a scowling, she-Hulk monstrosity, with thighs like pistons, and unnatural hair that seemed stapled on in an ironic comment on her lost femininity.

A woman that prostitutes her sexuality in the manner of Madonna or Beyonce can justly be called a bitch – even though this is an insult to many a decent canine – but when such a bitch aspires to Whore of Babylon status she risks becoming merely a dog.