Edgar J. Steele Has Died In Prison


I have just learned that political prisoner Edgar Steele has died in prison.  I knew the day would come but I am still very sad.  For him and his family and friends.

Most of you will be familiar with Steele and for those who aren’t I think this is a great primer



I am thankful for people like Ed.  He was willing to sacrifice everything just to tell you the Truth that he had learned.  Just let that sink in.  He didn’t need to do what he did but he did it out of a sense of honor and patriotism and he paid with his life.  I will not forget him or his teachings.  I also will not forget or forgive those who slandered and killed him.

I’ve known of 2 people to write an article titled “it’s the jews stupid” and now they’re both dead.  That should tell you something.  This does nothing more than strengthen my resolve.  One day it will be the criminals rotting in prison not innocent patriots like Ed Steele.


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An Update From Cyndi Steele 2/4/13


(Two formats are provided below: .PDF — Adobe portable and .RTF — rich text format. Introduction and appeal by Mrs. Steele.)


Cyndi G. Steele
Advocate for Justice
P.O. Box 1255
Sagle, Idaho 83860

Supporters of Edgar J. Steele

Re: David R. Hinkson – Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Docket #: 12-35824

Dear Supporters of Ed:

Not only was my husband, Edgar J. Steele falsely accused of crimes he did not commit, but the government also made false accusations against David R. Hinkson, another innocent man. Our freedoms depend upon the honesty of our judges, who are ignoring the pleas of the innocent right now, and will not even read the briefs.

I am asking you to consider signing and sending the attached letter to Chief Judge Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, as a part of a mass effort to simply get him to do his job by reading David Hinkson’s Motion for Reconsideration.

Mr. Hinkson’s family has been a supporter of Ed from the beginning. They were some of the first to see the government fraud and were willing to publicly and privately stand with me in my battle for Ed’s freedom.

Ed is not doing well right now. He has what appears to be pneumonia, in addition to other health issues, and the prison will not allow him to see a doctor. He is suffering greatly and no one seems to be able to make the US Bureau of Prisons be accountable for his health. We are working on it and will keep you advised. Ed’s appeal to the Ninth Circuit has been fully briefed and will be set for oral argument this Spring. With Ed’s attorney, Robert McAllister criminally prosecuted during Ed’s trial by the same government that was after Ed, we are hopeful a new trial will be granted based on the Constitutional ineffectiveness of Ed’s attorney.

I am personally making this plea to help David Hinkson because, if those who believe in liberty and justice do not stand together and support one another, we surely will not be able to withstand the evil forces of government when they come to destroy the rest of us. For additional information on David Hinkson’s case, go to [Link To Web Site]

Please take a minute to read the proposed letter to Chief Judge Kozinski and seriously consider joining us who are standing up for justice (and let me know you sent it). Please mark the envelope: “Personal & Confidential.”

As always, your unconditional support of Ed is appreciated; indeed, I am very grateful for your help and assistance, prayers and suggestions, because I cannot do this alone.

Best regards,

Cyndi G. Steele

Click on a link below for file download if desired.

Letter to Chief Judge Kozinski — .RTF

Letter to Cheif Judge Kozinski — .PDF

Why Edgar Steele Will Die In Prison

Earlier today Edgar Steele was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

I always enjoyed Edgars work, his It’s The Jews Stupid is a classic article which not only outlines the jewish problem but also explains why he will now die in prison.

What passes for a “justice system” is a joke.  Nothing but a tentacle of the beast.

I have written and posted numerous articles about Edgar and the case which are very worthwhile to read if you have ANY doubts that this man is innocent.

He is a political prisoner, possibly the highest profile in the White Nationalist movement.  Undoubtedly this whole circus is meant to send a message to the rest of us, that if you cross the line they have the power to drag your name through the mud, separate you from your family and friends, take everything you have worked a lifetime for and in the end?  You die in a cell.

But if this was meant to be a message, I for one haven’t gotten it.  I am not deterred by these terrorists (using fear to achieve their goals), not just undeterred but in fact defiantly prepared to continue spreading the Truth to anyone with ears to hear.

Most people who live in America have a short memory, I don’t.  I will not forget Edgar Steele.

Edgar Steele’s Last Stand

 Don’t miss the videos at the bottom.


COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — He’s been called a racist and a liar, and convicted of trying to hire someone to kill his wife. But, a North Idaho attorney says he’s none of those things – and has done nothing wrong. Now, less than a week away from his sentencing, Edgar Steele is speaking out about what he considers a vast conspiracy to put him away for life.

His case has all the makings of a Hollywood thriller. It began in June 2010, with a man charged with hiring a handyman to blow up his wife’s car. Cyndi Steele made a call for help from a Coeur d’Alene mechanic’s shop.

“I just pulled into the Quaker State oil change and they went underneath my car,” she told 911 dispatchers. “They were going to do an oil change and they found a pipe bomb under my car.”

Prosecutors say not only did they find the bomb, they have Edgar Steele on tape, offering Larry Fairfax tens of thousands of dollars to make the hit. It didn’t take long for a jury to convict Steele. Now, he’s facing a sentence that could put him away for the rest of his life.

“To be here is a shock. An injustice of the first order,” Steele told us in a jail library last week. At the request of the U.S. Marshals, we can’t tell you specifically where he’s being held, just that it’s a jail in North Idaho. Steele wanted to talk to us because he says his case is much more than a simple murder-for-hire.

“I always thought I’d like to end my career with one big case involving real government tyranny and genuine wrong-doing that you can point to and people would be marching in the streets,” Steele said. “Lo and behold – ironically – I’ve almost got the case and its mine.”

Steele made a name for himself ten years ago, representing those on the fringe. He represented the McGukins, a North Idaho family whose children held government agents at bay with guns and guard dogs for days on end. He also represented the Aryan Nations in a civil case that bankrupt the movement. You can’t talk to Steele without hearing his views on race.

“People live in North Idaho and they’re here for the weather, they’re here for the lack of population, they’re here for the good shopping, they’re here for the transportation,” he explained. “Those are acronyms, code words, for living apart from other races. I don’t use those code words. I just say I prefer to have my family live somewhere that is not riddled with the crime that comes with Mexicans and blacks living all around you.”

He lays out those views in his book “Defensive Racism.” It’s a book he sent to President Barack Obama and Justice Secretary Eric Holder after the 2008 election.

“Holder had complained we needed to have this dialogue in America about race. S, I sent it to both of them saying, ‘I’ve been trying to have this dialogue for years. Here’s my book.’ Did I annoy them with that? Is that what started all this perhaps? I don’t know.”

By this, he means the corruption and conspiracy he says led to his arrest. He believes Fairfax – a man he calls an “oafish, North Idaho handyman – stole silver from him, then placed the pipe bombs under his car to kill him. When the plot didn’t work, Steele says Fairfax had an ace in the hole.

“I had told him about my difficulties politically with the ADL and the SPLC and the FBI,” says Steele. “He knew about all that. All he had to do is make one phone call to be drafted into a scheme to put me down…. He’s shrewd like a weasel. Not real bright, but shrewd and conniving.”

And, he says the tapes ordering the hit were doctored, made to sound like him, or spliced together from other recordings of Steele found online.
This would take a lot of resources, I told him. Then, I asked what makes him so important that they would invest this much.

“I’ve asked that question myself repeatedly,” he replied. “I didn’t think I was very important. But, they’ve been taking out the leaders of what we call the movement in America for years. And, they’re almost all gone now – either in prison or dead. Now, they’re down to the second-tier guys and I’m one of those guys.”

But, the woman overseeing his prosecution disagrees.

“At the time Mr. Steele was arrested in this case, I didn’t know who Edgar Steele was,” says U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson. “At the time the FBI brought the case to our Coeur d’Alene branch manager’s office, she was unaware of who Edgar Steele was. We simply didn’t know who he was until there were allegations he was involved in criminal conduct.”

Olson disputes every allegation of misconduct put forth by Edgar Steele, and there are many. She disputes his contention that the government wants him put away because of who he is – an outspoken white separatist – not what he’s convicted of doing.

“Here we got a case where we have no victim, no damage and a a confessed perp serving his time in jail – and they want to lay 60 years on me. What’s wrong with this picture?” asked Steele. “There’s something else going on.”

“He was attempting, according to the evidence introduced at trial, to hire someone to kill his wife. We will always take those crimes seriously,” says Olson. “We have treated murder-for-hire cases seriously in this district througout the time I have been with the US Attorney’s office.”

And, what about his wife? Edgar Steele still wears his wedding ring and talks to Cyndi every day. He says her loyalty proves he’d never want her dead.

“My wife is a sweetheart. A heart of gold. Every time I see her, my heart leaps up,” he said. “She’s my buddy – my partner, my lover, my co-worker… she’s a part of me. I can’t imagine life without her.”

But, it’s a reality he may need to get used to. He faces between 40 and 70 years in prison at his sentencing on November 9th. The government is recommending 50 years.

“At my age, 10 years in prison is a death sentence. It doesn’t matter what they give me,” he said. “Hell, give me a thousand years, Judge. Put me in the Guiness Book of World Records – it doesn’t matter to me!”

Steele says he’s not sure how far up the ladder the government corruption goes, just that it’s time America knows what he’s been warning about for years. He points to the Occupy Wall Street movement as citizens rising up to take back their country; it’s the kind of revolution he’s been waiting for.
He’s asked a judge to give him a new trial. He believes he can win with new prosecutors, a new defense lawyer and a new judge.

I asked if he thinks the judge in his case is corrupt. He leaned back and said, “I can’t say that. I mean, I’m not allowed to say that. It would literally be illegal for me to say that… He’s certainly been guilty of several cases of judicial misconduct.”

And, remember what Steele said about ending his career with that “one big case?” I asked him – is he turning this simple criminal matter into something much bigger? He says he doesn’t have to; the government already has.

“Why would they come after me?” he asked. “They go after people all the time, you just don’t believe it. You think, ‘my government wouldn’t do that, my government wouldn’t go after my fellow citizens.’ Wrong.'”

Steele and his new attorney have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene and investigate claims his letters and conversations with his attorneys were improperly listened to by federal agents, then used against him at trial.

They’ve also asked that his sentencing be put on hold while the justices consider his request. If that does not happen, he’ll be sentenced Tuesday morning in Coeur d’Alene.

STORY UPDATE: About half an hour before this story was published, Edgar Steele’s wife, Cyndi, sent the following note to Melissa Luck about this story.

Below is her statement.

Dear Ms. Luck

Caught the 5:00 pm preview discussion regarding my husband’s interview at 6:00 pm tonight.
I just want to state for the record, that my husband is innocent and I don’t say that blindly, because I, the government’s “alleged victim,” will not put my life at risk for anyone. The only people that have victimized me is the FBI, the prosecutors and the court. They have done nothing but lie and have run this case with nothing but judicial misconduct, including violating the 5th and 6th Amendments rights by invading his attorney-client privileges and then some. So, when they wrongly sentence my husband, they are wrongly sentencing me as well, by depriving me the rest of my life with my husband and destroying a family that was a happy, solid and loving before his wrongful arrest.

Cyndi Steele

Edgar Steele Interview Part 1: Jail And Conviction
Edgar Steele Interview Part 2: Taking Out Leaders Of The Movement
Edgar Steele Interview Part 3: Corruption And Conspiracy
Edgar Steele Interview Part 4: “Are You Guilty Of Anything?”

Edgar Steele – “Thank You”

Thank You!
by Edgar J. Steele

Your continued belief in me, despite the government show trial that netted me four major Federal Felony convictions, means more than I can say. I was, of course, railroaded on false charges and phony evidence. It happens here in Amerika these days with far too much regularity.

While I desperately try to get a new trial with a new lawyer (hopefully, in a different place and with different prosecutors, judge and jury) I am trying to send you the real story. I am releasing each week excerpts from the book I am writing about this case, to be entitled “Evil Edgar.” As you can see, I have not yet entirely lost my sense of humor, though jail does take it out of you.

I am finishing up another book, too, which I have entitled “Conjuring.” Conjuring is a real departure from my previous writing in subject matter, but may be the most important thing I ever have written.

They didn’t let me do a thing in erecting my own trial defense, of course, so I’m curious to see how they decide to respond to these Internet messages I am getting out to you now via Cyndi.

Yes, Cyndi is the very same person who was the alleged victim of “my” nefarious plot. She is intimately familiar with all the facts of my case and she doesn’t believe I was out to get her. Neither does anybody who knows me, either.

Finally, however, Cyndi now does believe everything I have said in the past about Amerika’s government and the way it railroads the politically-incorrect into prison to silence us and to make it serve as a warning to all those left behind out there.

This may be a costly lesson for us, but you should heed its message. Be careful.

If you have been thinking of leaving America (as I seriously considered a few years ago, but decided not to do unfortunately), there never will be a better time than right now. I wish you would stick around for the upcoming un-pleasantries (see “Defensive Racism”) – we will need all the help we can get – but I, of all people, understand why you might not wish to do so. I wish you the very best of luck with whichever path you choose.

One long-time reader sent me an email that stated, in part: “I have long feared that you would be silenced… the best way to avoid such a fate is by leaving the country. I have already done so myself… it would be much more difficult for the bad guys to get away with the same kind of frame-up here. I am living and working in Communist China.”

For the most part, I do not see any of the emails sent me. Occasionally, like the one above, an email gets snail-mailed to me here in jail and I actually am allowed it by my jailers. I seem to be seeing much more snail-mail here in Latah County Jail, but I know that much of the mail sent to me at Spokane County and Bonner County jails mysteriously went astray.

Your thoughts and heartfelt support sustain me, rest assured. I read everything I am allowed to see and try to answer as much as I can, if not all of it.

Bless you. If and when I get out of here, which will require a new trial and an acquittal, it will be due to the efforts, support and understanding of readers like yourself. Never will I forget it, regardless of the outcome.


Edgar Steele: Sex, Lies, and Audiotape: Part I

by Edgar J. Steele

The jury never heard even a hint about the single most important piece of evidence in the Government’s case in my defense at trial: proof that the government’s evidence, the two recordings, were phony. Without those recordings, the government’s case against me literally disappeared.

What’s that? You say that there must be something wrong? That I am failing to tell you everything? Nope. Ask anybody who was at that pre-trial hearing that took longer than my entire defense at trial. Judge Winmill ruled that I could not present any evidence disputing the authenticity of the audiotapes. Why?

Why? For two reasons, said the judge – one for each of the two forensic audiology experts we flew in from New York and New Mexico, respectively, for the hearing and the trial.

Not Qualified?

The first expert, Dennis Walsh, with over 20 years experience in handling and analyzing audio recordings for the New York City Police Department, who owns a company that does nothing but analyze recordings, was declared “not qualified” to render an opinion. Not qualified? Excuse me? Walsh was doing this before it was science! In a moment, I will give you Walsh’s conclusions; then you will see why the court and the government had to prevent his testimony at any cost.


My second expert, Dr. George Papcun (pronounced “Pap’-sun”), could not possibly be deemed unqualified, given the fact that he is the world’s leading expert in forensic audiology. Papcun literally invented the discipline’s terms and wrote the book “that others throughout the world rely upon.” Papcun couldn’t testify, said the judge, because he was irrelevant, because nobody had put the authenticity of the tapes into question. Yes, you heard that correctly, regardless of how ridiculous it sounds. And the judge said it right out loud, with a straight face. Why wasn’t the listing of Walsh and Papcun as experts with the court (and filing their written opinions that the recordings were false) enough to put the authenticity of the recordings “into question?” Why didn’t my husband-wife-privileged jailhouse call, in which I averred the “tapes” had to be false, enough to trigger the authenticity issue? For that matter, why wasn’t my “not guilty” plea enough? Why wasn’t my expert’s testimony for 1-½ days in a pretrial hearing “enough?” Incidentally the judge ruled that I had waived that privilege, so that the call became the source of yet another federal charge calling for 20 years in prison.

Then the judge said he might change his mind if a “party to the recordings” testified during the upcoming trial (now just 3 days away) that something had been deleted or added to them. B-b-but, Judge – that leaves only Larry Fairfax, the Idahun Hit Man, since I wasn’t really a “party” to them. So, Judge, you are saying that, if I waive my Constitutional right not to take the stand, I might somehow be able to dispute the recordings’ authenticity? Really? Of course, you know that a defendant always testifies last, if at all? You are forcing me to choose between my constitutional rights and a key witness? The key witness? I felt as though I had “gone through the looking glass” and now was subject to the tyranny of the Red Queen.

I don’t know if Judge Winmill knew that Dr. Papcun long ago had prepaid $48,000 (non-refundable) for his and his wife’s dream vacation of a lifetime to Tahiti, scheduled to depart just two days later. Dr. Papcun had offered to stay for the trial despite that vacation (that could not be rescheduled), if the judge ruled that he could testify and if we could put him on the stand early, out of order and ahead of the state’s case against me. But the judge said Papcun couldn’t testify, so off he flew to Tahiti.

When Yes Means No

I honestly don’t know if the judge knew Dr. Papcun’s vacation before the trial, but he sure knew about it during the second week of trial when he inexplicably reversed himself, saying Papcun (but not Walsh, of course) could testify at trial, provided he was in the courtroom at 8:30 am, two days later. The US Attorney knew about Papcun’s vacation in advance, because she was secretly requiring the jail to provide her recordings of all my calls from jail, even those made to lawyers, during which I discussed Papcun at length. Now it was too late to subpoena Papcun, but we could get him back on the next commercial flight if we hurried. He agreed to come back, but asked if there was any other way. We thought there was another way.

Yes, I know I promised to quote for you both experts’ written opinions, but a couple more incredible twists to the Papcun saga yet remain to be told. My lawyer informed the judge that Dr. Papcun was on the other side of the world and, though there just barely was enough time to get him back to Boise by commercial jet by the Judge’s deadline and though he was willing to come, could we simply have him testify by videophone satellite uplink, over the internet? “Yes,” said the judge. However, the very next morning and with only 24 hours to go, the judge acceded to the US Attorney’s renewed demand that Papcun testify only in person. Why? So that she could “more effectively cross-examine” Dr. Papcun! Keep in mind that this selfsame US Attorney had cross-examined both Dr. Papcun and Mr. Walsh in person and on the same witness stand, just 3 days before trial, for 1-½ days!

This is the same judge who ruled that I had no constitutional right to confront witnesses against me at trial, allowing the videotaped deposition of Tatiyana Loganova to be played for the jury.

The smell arising from this sordid little interlude just gets stronger, doesn’t it? Well, hold on, because it gets worse.

The Stench of Real Injustice

With less than 24 hours to go, the only way we now could get Papcun to Boise by 8:30 am the next morning would be by charter jet.

We found one, incredibly enough, located in a place where it actually could make it to Tahiti, pick up Dr. Papcun and fly him to Boise just prior to the Judge’s deadline… for $180,000! Cash in advance, of course. My friends sucked it up and calculated that, together, they could just barely pull together $180,000 that same morning. When they called the jet charter company back, however, less than one hour after getting the all-clear signal from it, the tension on the phone line was palpable. No, they didn’t want to rent us the jet, after all. No, they had no idea who could or would, on such short notice. “Have a nice day.” With that, my hopes for an acquittal disappeared.

We couldn’t challenge the recordings, so the jury concluded they were real, of course. The only thing my lawyer was allowed to say during closing argument was that there was a “problem with the recordings,” and that only because my wife and daughter had sworn on the stand they were phony and that it didn’t even sound like me in many places.

Despite the fact that my wife and daughter literally are the world’s leading experts on how I sound and, though their testimony went unrefuted, the government convinced the jury that I really had said all those terrible things.


Now, let’s see what Dr. Papcun said in his pretrial written report: “Both recordings contain numerous electronic signatures… such as would be caused by dubbing… and/or editing…” “Both recordings contain gaps…” “Both recordings are of poor quality… with the recording volume at a very low level, which would conceal irregularities and defects in the recordings.” “There are discrepancies in the relative volumes of the speakers.” On one of the tapes, “there appears an extraneous voice.” “… I conclude, within a reasonable degree of scientific probability that the recordings… are unreliable.” “With commonly available methods, it is possible to remove material, insert material and alter the meaning of conversations.”

Dr. Papcun also said that “electronic transients may be caused by various events such as the following: turning equipment on and off, changing components, connecting or disconnecting components, microphone malfunctions, other equipment malfunctions (and/or) attempts at splicing or otherwise editing or modifying recordings.” Every single one of the foregoing “events” was ruled out by uncontroverted evidence presented by the government, all except the last item, that is: “attempts at splicing or otherwise editing or modifying recordings.”

Remember my other expert, Dennis Walsh? He adopted all of Dr. Papcun’s conclusions and went even further. Walsh’s written opinion also said: “I conclude, with a reasonable degree of scientific probability that the recordings contain different speakers purported to be that of Edgar Steele.” (emphasis added)

In direct testimony on the witness stand during the 1-½ day pretrial hearing on audiology experts, Mr. Walsh went still further and stated his certainty that the tapes had been “manufactured” and were wholly unreliable.

Next: Here Come De Fix

Edgar Steele Speaks For The First Time From Jail

(Preface by Cyndi Steele. June 1, 2011)

As hard as they may try, they are not going to silence Edgar J. Steele

Yes, our hopes for justice might have been crushed, temporarily, with the tragedy of my husband’s, Edgar J. Steele, unjust conviction. For his children and I it, has been devastating. In a time when the government has proven itself corrupt, especially in targeting and attacking the innocent who are outspoken, now it touts as a victory, silencing this innocent man who stood up for Freedom of Speech in our once great nation; a nation that is now known as “Amerika: the land of a captive people and home to government cowards”.

While serious illnesses slowed him down for six months of 2010, the government took him out of circulation for another year, he, and all of those who helped and contributed to his defense, fought valiantly for his freedom. Ed sadly chose to do it their way; staying quiet and letting the attorneys work the case in the manner they insisted was best for his acquittal. Well, we all have witnessed where that has gotten him….JAIL and MORE JAIL.

Now, this time, Ed is going to be doing it his way! LOUD and as OUTSPOKEN as he possible can be! Just as we have known him to be in his past writings. So despite them keeping him behind cell walls, he is writing, with hopes of having enough material for a book or two. Meanwhile, he has asked that portions of his work be shared with everyone so that his voice can start to be heard, again.

Below is Edgar J Steele’s first writing since his arrest last year on June 11, 2010


Seeing is Disbelieving
by Edgar J. Steele

There are things in life that defy belief. Seeing them often is enough to set one on a path toward seeing unbelievable things at every turn. Seeing is disbelieving? Hmm…

The Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland Fame remarked that she often believed in impossible things; as many as six of them, all just before lunch, too.

A great many more people now are willing to disbelieve in the inherent justice of the American Justice System. They watched a jury in Boise convict me of four Federal felonies.

Sigh. Where do I begin?

You Could Be Next

This story will take some time and require several installments. If you have yet to hear anything about it, you will not believe it. You may not believe it, anyway. I do, however. I am living it. All too easily, you could be next.

I was convicted of hatching a plot to kill my wife, in which I allegedly hired an oafish Idaho handyman as a hit man. Already, something may not sound quite right to you.

A Case in Search of a Motive

Why did I want Cyndi, my wife of 25 years dead? I never have quite heard a reason that makes sense. First, Cyndi was told by the FBI that the motive was life insurance, but then they learned that both of us cancelled our policies years ago. Then, the FBI told her that the motive was my jealousy over her (fictitious) boyfriend. Cyndi quashed that by demanding that the FBI produce photos they said they had; of course, there were none.

Finally, the government settled upon a case I was investigating as motive, because I had communicated with a great many young Ukrainian women (with Cyndi’s consent and even, assistance) to determine if the Russian Bride business really was a human trafficking scam. First, as part of that case I briefly handled, then simply because I found the subject fascinating and worthy of writing a book about it.

Two more novel motives were presented at trial: (1) I was after our car “uninsured motorist” insurance, though I was a lawyer and would have known full well that death by pipe bomb is not “accidental,” so that no insurance ever could be paid. (2) divorce from Cyndi would be too expensive. Yet, the prosecutor failed to tell the jury that I had signed all my assets over to Cyndi. Cyndi was part of every aspect of my life, even my communications overseas to determine how the bartered bride business really worked, so I could write a book exposing the fraud to be entitled “Love and Other Four Letter Words” (subtitled “The Invasion of Planet Earth by Teenage Russian Mail-Order Brides from Cyberspace).

You see, I happen to love Cyndi. I know – that just isn’t fashionable in this day of throw-away relationships, but it is true.

I often have written of how lucky I have been to have had her. About the terrific kids we have. About how my family life serves to steady my universe. All true, even now, as I write these words from a jail cell in Northern Idaho while awaiting sentencing and endeavoring, as best I can, to get a new trial.

My Love Story

Let me try, first, to tell you of my love for Cyndi. She is my mate, pal, helper, lover, buddy, partner, mother of our kids… my first and last wife…my best friend. The love of my life. She is so much better than I deserve. I could go on.

There is a reason for this paen to my blushing bride, of course. To see that the Emperor of my story has no clothes, you must first get, on a visceral level, as do my closest friends, just how ludicrous it would be for me to want my wife dead.

I recall the moment I first laid eyes on Cyndi and the spontaneous burst of surprise and pleasure that crossed her face just before she cast her eyes down and first smiled for me that impish little grin of hers that I love so much. In less than two minutes, I was swept away, though I did my manly best to seem inaffected. It was love at first sight and, 27 years later, my heart still leaps up every time I catch sight of her again.

I could, and should, go on like this for a long time, but please know that I still see Cyndi as my one and only soulmate. There is much, much more to this story, though, and I have to give you at least an overview in this first installment.

My Way

At my lawyers request, I have kept silent (though, not silent enough) about my case. I have made no public statements until today and have yet to speak with anybody from any media outlet. I bit my tongue during my recent trial and, against my better judgment, agreed not to take the stand to testify in my own behalf. Fat lot of good all that has done me!

No more. I did it my lawyer’s way and now, at age 65, I am facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years, with 70 years a very real possibility. Obviously¸ any sentence over 10 years is redundant to my life expectancy, especially in view of the medical problems I have seen in recent years (yet another lengthy, though relevant, story for another day).

Now we are going to do it my way, which likely will involve a good deal of sound and fury.

All My Trials

First up: Motion for a New Trial which my Federal judge will reject in summary fashion. I will have to rely on an appeal to get that new trial. It should be a laydown appeal, though, because this judge repeatedly committed reversible error (more than one story for other days).

We wrecked a sizable legal defense fund (the thanks for which will take more future stories than you will want to read) during the first trial, so I very possibly will have to represent myself at retrial. Spare me the jokes – all lawyers are fools (else¸ we wouldn’t even be lawyers, of course).

Lessee now, where were we? Oh, yes. What really happened? Here’s the executive summary:

The Idahun Hit Man

Larry the Idahun handyman/builder/junk hauler whose cousin’s name is Daryl, I swear (though I do not yet know if the cousin has one or more brothers also named Daryl), worked off and on for us for years. Larry knew we had hidey-holes here and there on the property, because he built some of them for us. Larry stumbled across one of three silver stashes in an outbuilding and then he searched and found two others. All told, Larry stole $45,000 in silver bullion from us at the then price of $18 per ounce.

Knowing I/we would discover the theft, Larry apparently decided that I/we had to go, so he set out to kill me/us with car pipe bombs. Like Wiley Coyote, Larry must shop at Acme, because neither of the two bombs that he then placed on the two cars I drive (one of which Cyndi drove about half the time) went off.

Larry says he removed the bomb attached to one car and then believed the other “fell off” when his cousin Daryl failed to see it after being told to look.

There is an alternate theory that explains the car pipebomb as having been emplaced after I was arrested, but the foregoing seems the most likely scenario.

It is undisputed that Larry sold silver on three different occasions (remember, he stole three of our hidden stashes) – he produced receipts for those sales (totaling just a few thousand dollars) during his testimony at my trial. Larry claimed I gave the silver to him as part of my $10,000 payment to him for killing my precious Cyndi. Larry did actually admit that I didn’t give the silver to him (he took it from one of the three hidey-holes, he said).

Making a Federal Case Out of It

Why did Larry then go to the FBI and fess up to his part in this sordid affair? In exchange for full immunity, of course. He still had to get me out of the way before I discovered his theft. I was beginning to mend from the four surgeries I had had in six months and I was starting to get out of the house.

Larry and I had been talking a lot during those six months, because he was helping us out with many things, including feeding our horses twice a day whenever Cyndi was out of town tending to her very ill mother who lives alone. I explained my difficulties with the ADL, the Russian Mafia, the FBI and others. All he needed to do was make one phone call in order to be conscripted into helping get me out of the way, which is just what he wanted.

Just a Coincidence

The ADL’s internet site hit piece on me was quoted in the very first court filing – coincidence? The FBI is alleged by us conspiracy theorists to be in bed with, if not controlled by, the ADL. More coincidence? Why did Larry go to the FBI rather than the local Sheriff or state authorities, like most of us would do? Yet still more coincidence? Larry said that he travelled nine hours to Oregon to ensure the bomb fell off the car that Cyndi then was driving, but he couldn’t be bothered to take the time to look for himself. Really? Of course, it is just coincidence that this interstate trip is the only thing that gave jurisdiction to the FBI…isn’t it? Do you still believe in coincidence? I don’t.

Ok, you may be saying – What’s the big deal? My word against the Idahun’s, so I should be exonerated without a fight. That would be true if not for those pesky audio recordings that Larry and the FBI claim memorialize my hiring Larry the Idahun hit man. But let’s save that story for the next installment in this epic affair, “Sex, Lies and Audiotapes.”

There is so much more to come in this story: Russian Mafia intrigue, teenage beauty queens, official (and unofficial) corruption, mail-order brides, Hannibal Edgar, the Tao of Ed, private jets, Tahiti…..and more, believe it or not. Remember, seeing is disbelieving.

With a little help from my friends and my lovely Cyndi, who resolutely has stood by me throughout this ordeal, I will get this and future installments out to my list and posted on my website , as well as others. Bear with us, please.

I was finally seeing some of the mail sent to me in recent months. However, I’m once again being moved and at this moment, no one knows where. So please visit www.free-edgar-steele.com for updates on where to send mail


Copyright ©2010, Edgar J. Steele

Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate this article
and its related audio file among private individuals and groups,
post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit
publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

Nobody Is Safe – Edgar Steele Found Guilty

My heart goes out to Edgar Steele and his family. I can’t comprehend their pain, that their own government has destroyed their family, dragged their names through the mud and now will sentence Edgar to die in prison.

I want to post Psalm 35 which is my sincere prayer for this situation

1 Plead my cause, O YAHWEH, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.
2 Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for mine help.
3 Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me: say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.
4 Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my soul: let them be turned back and brought to confusion that devise my hurt.
5 Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let the angel of YAHWEH chase them.
6 Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of YAHWEH persecute them.
7 For without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit, which without cause they have digged for my soul.
8 Let destruction come upon him at unawares; and let his net that he hath hid catch himself: into that very destruction let him fall.
9 And my soul shall be joyful in YAHWEH: it shall rejoice in his salvation.
10 All my bones shall say, YAHWEH, who is like unto thee, which deliverest the poor from him that is too strong for him, yea, the poor and the needy from him that spoileth him?
11 False witnesses did rise up; they laid to my charge things that I knew not.
12 They rewarded me evil for good to the spoiling of my soul.
13 But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth: I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer returned into mine own bosom.
14 I behaved myself as though he had been my friend or brother: I bowed down heavily, as one that mourneth for his mother.
15 But in mine adversity they rejoiced, and gathered themselves together: yea, the abjects gathered themselves together against me, and I knew it not; they did tear me, and ceased not:
16 With hypocritical mockers in feasts, they gnashed upon me with their teeth.
17 Lord, how long wilt thou look on? rescue my soul from their destructions, my darling from the lions.
18 I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people.
19 Let not them that are mine enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: neither let them wink with the eye that hate me without a cause.
20 For they speak not peace: but they devise deceitful matters against them that are quiet in the land.
21 Yea, they opened their mouth wide against me, and said, Aha, aha, our eye hath seen it.
22 This thou hast seen, O YAHWEH: keep not silence: O Lord, be not far from me.
23 Stir up thyself, and awake to my judgment, even unto my cause, my God and my Lord.
24 Judge me, O YAHWEH my God, according to thy righteousness; and let them not rejoice over me.
25 Let them not say in their hearts, Ah, so would we have it: let them not say, We have swallowed him up.
26 Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion together that rejoice at mine hurt: let them be clothed with shame and dishonour that magnify themselves against me.
27 Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let YAHWEH be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.
28 And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long.

I certainly can’t top Davids prayer  but nonetheless I want to offer my own imprecatory prayer on these evil men and women.

Almighty YAHWEH, I come to you tonight in the name of your Son, Yahshua.  These evil men have perverted justice, they have taken an innocent mans life in their hands and seem bent on destroying it.  We know that you are “the way, the Truth, and the Life”.  These men and women know no Truth, they are liars and deceivers and as such are the enemies of your people on Earth.   Please comfort the Steeles in this time of trial, give them strength to keep fighting.  Your great servant David prayed to you
19 Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.
  20 For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
  21 Do not I hate them, O YAHWEH, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
  22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.
  23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:
  24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

This is my prayer as well.  Yahweh, their is power in your holy name and you are the only one who can intervene.  I pray that you will guide and protect the Steeles and curse those who have done evil.


AN EMOTIONALLY DEVASTATED Cyndi Steele vowed to fight on with an appeal to a higher court after her husband, free speech attorney Edgar J. Steele, was convicted earlier today of plotting to kill her. Mrs. Steele spoke of her pride in and love for her husband, stating that she and her legal team have absolute proof that the FBI tapes used to convict him are faked, but that her evidence was not allowed in court in what many are viewing as a rigged trial.

Promising to fight and speak out “until my last breath,” Mrs. Steele called for an end to political prosecutions, saying that no one in America is safe now.

This Is Justice?

by Val Koinen
December 9, 2010

I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading about the Edgar Steele case lately (the North Idaho murder-for-hire case in which attorney Steele is accused of plotting with and hiring his neighbor Larry Fairfax to kill his wife and her mother). I wouldn’t call it research. Just browsing news reports and blogs along with statements made by his wife Cyndi Steele, the FBI, the Federal prosecuting attorney, judges, and of course the “lead actor” in this mess, would-be car bomber Larry Fairfax (“Larry the plumber;” the Steele’s “hillbilly handyman”).

As a result, I have not only learned some things; I have developed a number of impressions, questions, suspicions, and “reasonable doubts.”

Here’s what we seem to have so far –

On the “you’re guilty as hell, you scheming, plotting, politically incorrect, murder-for-hire guy” side (a rather short and shaky list if you ask me):

(1) We have the bankrupt, long-time FBI snoop and “confidential informant,” desperate-for-money, known liar and thief, and confessed pipe bomber Larry Fairfax saying that Edgar Steele plotted with him and hired him to kill his (Steele’s) wife and mother-in-law (Mr. Steele being a long-time attorney in good standing, an upright member of the community, as far as known a loving husband and father, a good, solid citizen with no criminal record whatsoever, and a U.S. Coast Guard veteran).

(2) And more than that – Fairfax says he has audio tapes to prove it (recordings which were allegedly made with the complicity of the FBI) – never mind that Edgar Steele denies saying the things on the tapes that have to do with a murder plot and that Cyndi Steele says she has heard those tapes and they are “untrustworthy” because of variances in background noise and a lack of characteristic vocal inflections every time her husband is supposed to be saying something about the murder plot (as though the tapes have been cobbled together – synthesized – probably using Mr. Steele’s utterances taken from his many readily available speeches).

On the “whoa, wait just a minute,” healthy-skepticism side (a long and continually growing list):

(1) Back in November 2009 then 64-year-old Edgar Steele very nearly died from a ruptured ascending aortic aneurism, and that was followed by at least one more aneurism and other serious medical problems over the ensuing months – hardly a condition in which one would be plotting multiple murders on multiple occasions over a prolonged period of time as described by Fairfax, it seems to me. (Actually, if he is guilty of the things he is accused of, Steele would have been working on these murder plots during exactly the same time period when he was convalescing, enduring new medical issues and surgeries, and being nursed back to health by his wife, the very woman he is accused of wanting to murder. Go figure.)

(2) It has been reported that Fairfax stole some $45,000 worth of silver coins from Steele’s residential and horse-ranch property, and no doubt knew Steele would discover the loss and would know who the thief was.

(3) That, together with Fairfax’s recent bankruptcy (debts of some $638,000.), imminent risk of losing his home to foreclosure, and desperation for cash; could certainly have provided ample motivation for him, as some have speculated, to decide to steal the silver and murder the Steeles.

(4) I have seen some references to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in connection with this case (in a letter to a friend Steele said the ADL “was quoted extensively in the government’s opening papers in court”). If one is inclined to consider the possibility that Edgar Steele is being “set up” on these charges – framed – it would be pretty hard to ignore any involvement or participation on the part of the ADL. They are surely no friends of Edgar Steele, who was highly critical of them and their operations on any number of occasions in his past writings and speeches. Also noteworthy in this regard is the fact that the ADL would probably have had “tribally facilitated” access to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the Mossad, both of which have the technology and wherewithal to simulate voice recordings (the IDF has admitted to doing that very kind of thing at about the same time the Steele case broke, by doctoring audio recordings from radio exchanges with the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla”).

(5) Sometime in May, 2010, according to Cyndi Steele, Fairfax borrowed Edgar Steele’s pickup truck and swapped-out the nearly new tires (stole them and replaced them with his more worn tires). What a guy!

(6) Fairfax’s descriptions of the murder-for-hire plot are complicated, have included a number of discrepancies and contradictions, and in some particulars seem to have changed over time. The time-line over the most critical period of events is therefore very important:

-Nov. 21, 2009: Edgar Steele nearly dies from a ruptured aortic aneurism (he is hospitalized for an extended period and has other related serious health problems over the next months).
-Late 2009: Fairfax says he had several discussions with Steele in which Steele mentioned people he would like to see killed (including his wife and mother-in-law).
-April 14, 2010: Fairfax declares bankruptcy.
-On or about May 28-30, 2010: Fairfax made two pipe bombs and attached one to Cyndi Steele’s vehicle.
-Around May 29 – 31: Cyndi Steele departs for Oregon to care for her mother, who is also in poor health.
-May 31: Fairfax, reportedly accompanied by cousin Jim Maher, traveled to Oregon.
-June 8 or 9: Fairfax informed FBI of supposed murder-for-hire plot.
-June 9: First of two supposed incriminating plotting
conversations with Steele; Fairfax may or may not have recorded the conversation.
-June 10: Supposedly recorded second conversation.
-June 11: FBI visits Cyndi Steele at her mother’s home in Oregon City, Oregon.
-June 11: Edgar Steele arrested at his home.
-Prior to June 15: Cyndi Steele drives back to Idaho.
-June 14: Steele arraignment postponed one day due to phony “white powder” event (white powder later identified as harmless calcium carbonate mailed by person(s) unknown to the federal courthouse in Coeur d’Alene, and to several federal facilities in western states).
-June 15: Edgar Steele arraignment. Just hours before that event, that morning, Cyndi Steele takes her vehicle to a shop for an oil change, and an employee finds the pipe bomb still attached to the frame of her SUV.
-June 15: Fairfax interviewed (interrogated) by Coeur d’Alene Idaho police and then arrested by U.S. Government.

(7) By his own admission, in late May 2010, Fairfax made two pipe bombs and attached one underneath the SUV usually driven by Cyndi Steele. Depending on which story we believe, he may or may not have attached the other one under Edgar Steele’s vehicle – in any case, if he did he must have removed it, and he eventually turned it over to the FBI.

(8) One version of the plot offered by Fairfax had it that the purpose of the bomb that was to be placed on Edgar Steele’s vehicle was to deflect suspicion from him. Steele was to detonate that bomb, making it look as though he too (and not just his wife) had been targeted. But just how would Steele have detonated that bomb safely and privately? By starting the vehicle and letting it run for several (or many) minutes or hours in his garage or driveway? Maybe in the middle of the night when there was no chance someone else would just happen to come upon the scene? Wouldn’t it be a little suspicious, and wouldn’t he expect to come under suspicion, if the bomb went off when he wasn’t in the vehicle or anywhere near it?

(9) At one point (in a bail hearing) Fairfax’s lawyer said in court that Fairfax had only planted the bomb on Cyndi Steele’s vehicle as a ruse to convince Edgar Steele he was complying with the plan. And I believe Fairfax himself told investigators at one point that he planted that bomb to convince Steele the plan was moving forward. (What plan was that – to have the bomb “wait” to go off magically at some unknowable time when both Cyndi Steele and her mother were in the car together, over in Oregon?) Remember – Fairfax said Mr. Steele wanted both his wife and her mother killed, and the FBI is claiming they have proof (on tape) that he plotted that very situation a couple weeks later (for the second time). But the bomb was placed on Mrs. Steele’s SUV when it was at her home in Idaho, and she had to drive about 450 miles to get to her mother’s home in Oregon. So that earlier car-bombing attempt is inconsistent with any plan to kill both women.

(10) Let’s not forget – this was later determined to be a large, real, “live” bomb packed with high explosives and equipped with a detonating fuse. Hardly the kind of thing you would build and attach to a vehicle just as a ruse to convince someone you were carrying out some hare-brained murder scheme. And another thing – are we to suppose that the government just accepted on Fairfax’s word, without a detailed examination of the way the bomb had been placed (wired and/or taped) on the chassis of Cyndi Steele’s vehicle and the opinion of a qualified expert, his explanation that he disabled the bomb he placed on her vehicle by taping the fuse in such a way that it would not burn through and detonate the bomb? (I’m not convinced that is how it would work, as a practical matter.) Is Fairfax really such an expert when it comes to car bombs and fuses? Are we to believe that explanation is what makes him the “good guy,” the one who saved Mrs. Steele’s life (as she was reportedly told by the FBI)?

(11) My personal opinion is that a much more likely story would be that Fairfax attached pipe bombs to both of the Steele’s vehicles in an attempt to kill them both, but he didn’t know what he was doing and neither one exploded. Then, concerned that they would be found intact and traced back to him, he removed the bomb from Edgar’s vehicle and went to Oregon to check on the bomb he had put on Cyndi’s vehicle but for some reason couldn’t find it and assumed it had fallen off. Then he belatedly concocted the ridiculous murder-for-hire plot involving the Steeles and the mother-in-law, went to the FBI, and arranged to get the doctored audio tapes made and into their hands.

(12) Sometime in early June (on the 8th or 9th), Fairfax went to the FBI and told them of the supposed murder-for-hire plot, but at that time he neglected to tell them he had already placed a pipe bomb underneath Cyndi Steele’s SUV and had already driven to Oregon ostensibly to check to see if the bomb was still on the vehicle. Later, he said the Oregon trip on May 31 was to check Cyndi Steele’s vehicle to see what happened to the bomb but he and/or his alleged accomplice Jim Maher didn’t see it and they assumed it had fallen off. (That in itself is a little hard to understand, considering that Fairfax himself had attached the bomb in the first place and knew exactly where it should be underneath the vehicle. Maybe that too was a lie and circumstances prevented them from actually looking for the bomb?)

(13) If, as initially described by Fairfax, the murder via an automobile crash was supposed to look like an accident so Steele could collect insurance, it is hard to understand how that could be accomplished with a pipe bomb – an explosive event such as that would never be considered “accidental” by any police or insurance investigator, and both Steele and Fairfax (dim-bulb though he may be) would have known that.

(14) Fairfax said early-on that Steele agreed to compensate him for the murders with a $25,000. initial payment to be followed by $100,000. more if he (Steele) was cleared of suspicion and if he received an anticipated life insurance settlement. But what Fairfax didn’t know was that there was no life insurance (an inconvenient fact divulged later by Cyndi Steele).

(15) The FBI says they have Edgar Steele on tape insisting the hit had to look like a car crash, and that both his wife and mother-in-law had to die, because he “did not want to take care of a paraplegic.” Now just think about that for a minute. What is the likelihood that the Fairfax gang could just go over to a heavily populated part of Oregon and follow Cyndi Steele and her mother along some road in their neighborhood, where the whole thing wouldn’t be witnessed by anybody, and then force them off the road in an “accident” and have any reason to expect that would kill them both? Even if the accident was triggered by a bomb that was magically set to go off at precisely the right moment?

(16) In any case, the bomb attached to Mrs. Steele’s vehicle in late May was apparently connected by a fuse to the exhaust system. Once again, if it had gone off before she left for Oregon or while she was enroute on that trip, how could that have killed her mother? How did Fairfax convince Steele he could kill both women with an explosion and car crash unless he had a way to trigger the explosion by remote control after Mrs. Steele had reached the Oregon destination when both women were in the vehicle – especially if he wasn’t there himself to do the deed? So far as I know Fairfax has never claimed that he told Steele his purpose for going to Oregon was to somehow trigger the bomb on Cyndi Steele’s vehicle at just the right time, although he has given a number of other reasons for the trip.

(17) Things continue to get all “tangled up” when we stop to think about the switch from a car-bomb to a rigged auto accident and when we consider the timeline. One has to wonder how Steele could have just forgotten about the earlier attempt and then, apparently without even mentioning it, start plotting days or weeks later to make a second attempt to kill his wife and mother-in-law. But we do have reports (allegations) that Steele said at the June 9 meeting, “…if the black Endeavor (his wife’s SUV) were to leave he guaranteed that his wife would be driving it.” Now keep in mind that at the time Cyndi Steele was still at her mother’s place in Oregon City, Oregon; whereas Edgar Steele and Fairfax were in north Idaho, and they were both still there the next day as well. Apparently, Fairfax was supposed to drive to Oregon later on Thursday, June 10, or overnight, and be in Oregon (more than 400 miles away) on Friday the 11th so he could stage the “accident” one way or the other. But of course he never made that trip.

(18) None of this makes sense. Maybe that’s because it’s not reality – because it’s just differing versions of a not-too-well-thought-out story concocted by Fairfax? Another huge discrepancy in Fairfax’s story-telling in my opinion: Fairfax was a long-time FBI “confidential informant.” He had no doubt been spying on Edgar Steele for months in that capacity. When he built and planted bombs in late May, it would almost certainly have been after any number of planning discussions with Steele, no doubt over many days, or weeks (assuming of course that his allegations about Steele’s involvement are true). Yet during that first phase of the drama he didn’t so much as go to the FBI and inform them of anything. And so, they made no effort to record any conversations between Fairfax and Steele as they did later. One has to wonder – why didn’t Fairfax tell the FBI about that earlier planning and that first attempt? Note that when he went to the FBI on June 9, or possibly, at the very earliest on June 8 – that time, it only took the FBI a few hours to start monitoring and recording planning conversations for that second attempt (according to the FBI’s account). That the same thing didn’t happen the first time around is just not believable to me; in fact, it is preposterous.

(19) At this point it all gets hopelessly confusing. It is really hard for me to understand how all this nonsense could possibly provide the authorities with a rationale for accepting Fairfax’s stories as a credible basis for charging Edgar Steele with anything. When Fairfax contacted the FBI on June 8 or 9, and then supposedly recorded incriminating conversations with Steele on June 9(?) and/or 10, he said the murders were planned for June 11 because Steele had an alibi for that day. But note that Cyndi Steele was already in Oregon, with the bomb under her car; and Fairfax had already made a trip to Oregon (May 31) to check on that bomb. Also, Fairfax’s reasons given for that trip to Oregon keep changing (no surprise there). At various times he has stated the trip was to assure Edgar Steele the plan was moving forward; to scout out Cyndi Steele’s mother’s residence etc.; to check to see if the bomb was still on the vehicle; and to check on Cyndi Steele having an affair (as he says Edgar Steele suspected) (right – he could expect to just drive up to the mother’s house and there would be clear evidence of Cyndi Steele having an affair). And I still can’t reconcile Steele’s supposed payment of $400. to cover Fairfax’s travel costs for the trip(s) to Oregon. Was that for the May 31 trip? Or was it for another trip following the June 9-10 meetings? Or both?

(20) It seems pretty clear to me now that the whole matter of including Edgar Steele’s mother-in-law in the murder-for-hire plot might just have been contrived so this would become an interstate crime and the Federal Department of Justice could get involved (FBI, federal prosecutors, federal courts and judges).

(21) In my view it is beyond just being ludicrous and incomprehensible – it is absolutely and totally irrational, to the point of being virtually impossible – that an educated and federal persecution-savvy (er—prosecution-savvy) attorney such as Edgar Steele would: (a) hire someone like Fairfax to commit a complex (actually, just about impossible) interstate double murder such as this on his behalf; (b) expect to receive accident insurance compensation for a bomb-caused crash; or (c) go out to his horse barn with Fairfax for two days running (June 9-10) and plan the murders (between discussions of handyman and farm-chore assignments) for a second time (following Fairfax’s bungled first attempt to do the dirty deed in late May); and to do that apparently without so much as a mention of the first (failed) effort.

(22) Apparently, as noted above, Fairfax did not tell the FBI anything about the bombs when he first contacted them about the murder-for-hire plotting. According to Cyndi Steele, an FBI agent told her they did not hear any reference to bombs on the tapes. But she says she heard the word “bomb” several times. If she is correct about that, and if the FBI actually knew about the bomb under her car; then they knowingly endangered her, her passengers at various times, and everyone else along her entire driving route after they learned about it. According to Cyndi Steele, they didn’t even tell her about the bomb when they visited her at her mother’s residence on June 11.

(23) As mentioned above, Cyndi Steele has been allowed to listen to two of the supposedly incriminating tapes. On those tapes, supposedly surreptitiously recorded by Fairfax during meetings (in one of Steele’s horse barns?) on June 9 and 10, the recorded discussions reportedly switch back and forth between Steele giving instructions about work to be done on his property and elements of the murder plot. Mrs. Steele has stated that whenever her husband started to discuss the plot, there were changes in background noise and his voice lost certain inflections she is well familiar with. So she told the attending FBI agent that those incriminating portions of the taped conversations were untrustworthy.

(24) According to Mrs. Steele, “It has been implied by the FBI that if I do not go along with what they want me to say, such as their view of the disputed tapes, they will cause problems for me. Every time that I have told the FBI that I did not trust those tapes, the agent becomes defensive and insists that they are authentic and his demeanor is overbearing and he insists that I should agree with him. This is witness tampering perpetrated by the U.S. Government.”

(25) Also according to Cyndi Steele, FBI agents have tried to intimidate her by telling her Fairfax is the “good guy” who tried to save her life, and they have insisted that her husband Edgar Steele is the “bad guy.” They have told Mrs. Steele what a horrible person her husband is.

(26) By the way, the FBI allowed Cyndi Steele to listen to two tapes, but they told her there is a third one but that she couldn’t listen to that one because it “isn’t ready yet.” Hmmmm. I wonder what the FBI has to do to that tape to make it “ready?” To my knowledge she never has been allowed to listen to that third tape.

(27) It seems noteworthy to me that, about the time Edgar Steele was arrested and as the story was breaking, the local press was a bit too eager to “cooperate” with the FBI and the prosecution by vilifying Edgar Steele for his social and political positions and his political incorrectness, thus painting him as the bad guy in the public mind. I don’t suppose that could be considered “poisoning the jury pool,” now could it?

(28) One thing I find a little odd is how the Federal prosecutor and judges seem to be really, really reluctant to treat Fairfax and Company too harshly. At one point last June, at a Fairfax hearing, Magistrate Candy Dale called her decision to keep Fairfax behind bars (by denying him bail) “very difficult.” (I have to wonder why she would hold that view or even have that thought, let alone express it in court, considering Fairfax’s confessed crimes and his duplicity, and considering also the fact that Edgar Steele was being held in jail without bail!) Then, the Federal prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan, chose to grossly undercharge Fairfax (in my opinion), just charging him with “possession of an unregistered firearm and making a firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act.” I just can’t quite understand why he was not charged with the same or equivalent, much more serious crimes as Edgar Steele (for example, something like “use of interstate commerce to facilitate murder for hire;” “use of explosive material to commit a federal felony;” and “possession of a destructive device in relation to a crime of violence”). (Oh, well, maybe the State of Idaho will step up and charge him with attempted murder after this federal fiasco runs it course?) And then, as if to add insult to injury, Ms. Whelan offers Fairfax a plea-bargain deal that could get him as little as 18 months in prison when he is sentenced later this month. And lastly, to top it all off, the Feds have so far refused to arrest or charge supposed accomplice Jim Maher and any other of Fairfax’s accomplices still out there (at one time the FBI indicated to Cyndi Steele that there could be more than one of them). To me, none of this is even remotely understandable, and I think we the people should demand to know why the government has taken the positions it has.

(29) U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan would seem to spare no effort to prevent Cyndi Steele from saying (or even thinking) anything positive about her husband. When Edgar Steele gave some good (albeit emphatic and perhaps a little stern) husbandly and family-attorney-in-fact advisement to his wife and son in telephone conversations shortly after his arrest, Whelan had Steele held without bail and then piled on an additional felony charge (witness tampering). When Edgar Steele mailed a card to his daughter which contained a loving and reassuring message Whelan says was probably intended for his wife (whose birthday was July 29, about the same time), Whelan was all over Mr. Steele for violating the no-contact order. When Cyndi Steele and her mother filed affidavits in order to assert their “victim’s rights” prior to the governments’ acceptance of the sweetheart-deal plea bargain from Fairfax, Whelan derided the affidavits as just being speculation, and even questioned if the women wrote the affidavits themselves (as though there would be something wrong, or illegal, in getting an attorney to help draft the language for a legal instrument to be submitted to the court) (isn’t that what lawyers are for?). Whelan even went so far as to say she anticipates “an investigation into how the affidavits came to be drafted.” She also said the documents (affidavits) contain “statements set up to bolster Mr. Steele’s defense.” And just what in the world is wrong with that? After all, virtually everything the Feds say and do is meant to “bolster” their prosecution of Edgar Steele and their contention that he is guilty. And it gets worse. At the Fairfax plea hearing itself, U.S. District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmill declined to entertain Mrs. Steele’s request that the hearing be postponed so tougher penalties could be imposed, noting Cyndi Steel had filed her request that morning despite knowing of the hearing for two weeks. That was his reason? Was a legally defined deadline missed? If so, so be it (but why then didn’t he say so?). But if not, should the short “lead-time” afforded by Mrs. Steele’s last minute filing constitute a proper basis for denying the victim’s requests? Winmill also said, “I have to question either the motive or the sincerity of their request.” Well I read the affidavits and I saw nothing at all wrong, or suspicious, about the motivation or sincerity; and again, I would question if that is a sufficient basis for rejecting the several very good points made in the affidavits. Certainly, to my way of thinking, there is at least the appearance of impropriety in all this. It just seems to me that a reasonable person might get the impression that the FBI, the prosecution and the courts are, whether knowingly and deliberately or not, in effect conspiring to deprive Cyndi Steele of her civil rights by working together to intimidate her into not trying to do anything to help her husband.

(30) Meanwhile, in spite of the government’s attitude toward Cyndi Steele, and their kid-gloves treatment of Fairfax and his reported accomplice Maher; they have no problem and spare no effort ensuring that Edgar Steele is held in virtual solitary confinement, without bail, with no assets with which to mount a proper defense, and under a (recently just partially lifted) no-contact order that prevents him from discussing his case with his wife.

(31) Following Edgar Steele’s arrest on June 11, the FBI apparently tore portions of the Steele’s house apart (walls, floorboards) in search of precious metals he was known to have hidden. Reports are that the FBI took a considerable quantity of silver (and gold?) (the Steele’s “life savings”) plus other valuable property, thus depriving Steele of the assets he needs to mount a proper defense.

(32) The FBI and prosecution have tried mightily to come up with a motive – any motive – for Edgar Steele to want to murder his wife and mother in law (especially since Cyndi Steele has said there was no life insurance coverage). At one point after Edgar’s arrest they found a boxed teddy bear in the Steele’s house, with a note that it was for his “Ukrainian girlfriends.” They deliberately opened the box and left the “gift” for Mrs. Steele to find, apparently hoping to make her think it might indicate some untoward (illicit) behavior on Mr. Steele’s part (in his condition, considering the medication he was no doubt taking?). But they didn’t know that this was simply a gift intended for one or more of Mr. Steele’s female Ukrainian clients, which he often referred to as his “Ukrainian girlfriends” (a completely innocent thing, not at all surprising or upsetting to Mrs. Steele). Then, later, according to Mrs. Steele, the FBI unsuccessfully tried to coerce her into admitting an involvement in an affair (they said they had photos, but they didn’t, of course). Once again, I would think that is much worse “witness tampering” or intimidation that anything Edgar Steele said in his June 13 telephone conversations with his son and wife.

(33) As I recall, the local press once again came through and “aided and abetted” the government’s perfidy by giving the impression in its reporting that Edgar Steele did in fact have a “real” “Ukrainian girlfriend.”

(34) While I haven’t as yet seen any definitive evidence of wrongdoing on the part of upper echelons of the U.S. government in this case, Edgar Steele in telephone calls to his son and wife from jail, not long after his arrest, did mention to them that he had learned there is involvement in the effort to prosecute him at the “highest levels” of the Attorney General’s office. So, considering that Barack Obama and Eric Holder are both Negroid, and considering Mr. Steele’s often expressed and quite proper but politically-incorrect concerns for his fellow White people, and some comparatively non-complimentary (albeit true and accurate) things he has said in the past about the nature of black people; I don’t think we can automatically dismiss the possibility of motivation for his arrest, and even the possibility of his being set up, coming from high levels of the U.S. government.

(35) More possible motive for a frame-up: It has been reported that Edgar Steele had been working on a book focused on Jewish and/or Israeli involvement in human trafficking – sex trafficking, in particular. It could be that he was prepared to expose some very serious wrongdoing by some very important people. It seems to me that could be real motivation for Jews/Israelis/Zionists/ZOG to want to put Steele out of commission.

(36) It is now believed by some that Fairfax, as a Federal informant, had for many months been nosing around the Steele’s place trying to turn up some wrongdoing that the U.S. Government could use to prosecute Steele for something (because they didn’t like his politically incorrect positions on some issues and were “out to get him”). If that is the case, the effort failed. But (just speculating, now) could such an “anti-Steele” position on the part of the U.S. Government be what first put thoughts into Fairfax’s head that eventually led to his planning and committing his crimes? (Assuming, of course, that he hasn’t been acting at the direction of the government all along.)

(37) Things just keep getting “weirder and weirder.” It has recently been disclosed that
Fairfax’s alleged accomplice Jim Maher, another neighbor in Steele’s residential Sagle/Talache Idaho area, is none other than the brother of nationally prominent comedian and talk-show host Bill Maher; and it is even reported that Larry Fairfax is a cousin of the Maher brothers. While it is admittedly small evidence of motivation, it should at least be mentioned that Edgar Steele once described Bill Maher’s political positions and actions and/or utterances in a less-than-favorable light in one of his essays, and that the Mahers are thought by some to be partly Jewish (and once again, we know that many Jews don’t think very highly of Edgar Steele due to his perceptive outtake on many things Jewish).

(38) When considering the guilt or innocence of Edgar Steele, I cannot leave this one very important thing unstated as a stand-alone item: his wife Cyndi Steele does not believe or accept that he is guilty of plotting to kill her and her mother (and neither does her mother, by the way, who has referred to Mr. Steele in an affidavit as care-giving and supportive). I would simply suggest in that regard that Cyndi Steele, of all people, should know.

In summary, it seems that the Edgar Steele case is an ongoing gross (and possibly even deliberate?) miscarriage of justice. It looks as though he is being railroaded because of his beliefs, writings, and speeches; and possibly because of investigations he had been conducting that he planned to publish in the near future. And it even seems a reasonable possibility that certain elements of the U.S. Government may have joined Larry Fairfax et al in initiating and carrying out that crime.

It does seem possible that all this is being done at the behest of the Jews that control certain elements of the U.S. Government (ZOG); in collusion with the key Negroes-in-charge: Eric Holder, Attorney General (likely); and President Barack Obama (conceivably and possibly). Hard as it might be to believe, it appears as though these factions of the government jumped on this case when it was initiated by Fairfax (or by Fairfax in collusion with the ADL and/or the FBI) as a way to “get” Steele after they couldn’t find anything else to nail him with.

We may never know the real facts and truth in regard to this case. But it strikes me that what has been lacking up to this point is real, rigorous and intensive, and unbiased investigation of all the elements, and especially of the claims and actions of Larry Fairfax. And here I’m thinking of honest and competent investigation by both the local press (investigative journalism) and by the FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation).