Krauthammer Mocks Rand Paul

I posted nothing about Rand Pauls great political theater about drones, because I saw it as just that, no need to perpetuate it. However it is interesting that the biggest zionists in Washington McCain, Graham and now Krauthammer (among others) all came out on the side opposite of Paul. Clearly DC provides nothing but an illusion of real debate and Rand Paul doesn’t give a rats ass about drones flying domestically or elsewhere it is notable to see conservatives become uncomfortable when their favorite fox news gimp jumps on the wrong side.

Luckily for these neo cons, the citizens of America have a tremendously short memory and will once again be willing to vote for and support them when need be. After all they may not be great but they’re the lesser of two evils.

While The NRA Supports McCain The GOA Stands Firm

There is a reason why Dr. Ron Paul calls the GOA “the only no compromise gun lobby in Washington” because the NRA has a long history of compromising on their principles which is clearly evidenced by their endorsement of Juan McAmnesty in 2008 and now in his senate race.

Here is an ad run by the GOA who sticks firmly to the principles of freedom and protecting the 2nd Amendment.

McAmnesty At It Again

 The spineless cowards who voted for this piece of trash are a disgrace to themselves and this country.

“Former Democratic VP candidate Joe Lieberman and former GOP presidential candidate John McCain have introduced a new detention policy bill in response to the Christmas Day underwear bomber. From The Atlantic: “A close reading of the bill suggests it would allow the U.S. military to detain U.S. citizens without trial indefinitely in the U.S. based on suspected activity.”

This is another reminder of why, as horrible as Obama is on practically every issue, his competition was likely no better. Not that I expect Obama to veto this monstrosity. On detention policy, he has proven himself to be approximately as bad as his predecessor, if not worse.

Can we build a bipartisan police state, complete with the destruction of the last vestiges of due process, while we distract the public with political sideshows and debates over whether the government should control 60% or 61% of the economy? Yes we can.”


Good Ole Pro Sodomy McCain

 Well we haven’t had a good Juan McAmnesty story in awhile so I figured it was time.  His wife is posing for ads supporting HomoMarriage in California.  Funny that Juan ran on a platform against homomarriage when he was trying to win the White House.  Do the words “say anything to get elected come to mind”?


Cindy McCain has posed for an ad released by the NOH8 campaign, a pro-gay-marriage effort that pictures celebrities with their mouths taped shut, the Associated Press reports. McCain appears in the usual format: dressed in white, with “NOH8” painted on her cheek and silver duct tape across her mouth. (H8 refers to the ballot measure passed by California voters in 2008 banning same-sex marriage.)

The ad was a surprise to some, since John McCain opposed gay marriage during his 2008 presidential run, and his wife rarely speaks out on particular issues. McCain’s office issued a statement saying that the senator respects differences of opinion between his family members, but still “believes the sanctity of marriage is only defined as between one man and one woman.”

Said spokesperson Brooke Buchanan: “The senator chaired the effort to successfully pass Arizona Proposition 102, the Marriage Protection Amendment, and his opposition to gay marriage remains the same.”

On the NOH8 campaign’s Web site, under the headline “Redefining Republican,” NOH8 writes that Cindy McCain “reached out” to them about the ad. “Aligning yourself with the platform of gay marriage as a Republican still tends to be very stigmatic, but Cindy McCain wanted to participate in the campaign to show people that party doesn’t matter — marriage equality isn’t a Republican issue any more than it is a Democratic issue.”

The McCains’ daughter, Meghan, has been outspoken in her support of gay rights, and currently features her own shot from the NOH8 campaign as the background on her Twitter page. Meghan McCain has spoken at a number of gay-rights events, and will be featured at National Equality Week at George Washington University next month. She has publicly addressed her difference of opinion with her father, saying they respectfully disagree.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my mother for posing for the NOH8 campaign,” she tweeted on Wednesday. “I think more Republicans need to start taking a stand for civil rights in this country and set the example that this is not a partisan issue.”

Though both John McCain and Barack Obama opposed gay marriage during the 2008 campaign, same-sex unions have drawn fiercest opposition from the Republican base. But divergent views within that base are nothing new. Former vice president Dick Cheney, a champion of bedrock conservative thought on most issues, said last summer that he supports gay marriage — perhaps not surprising, given that one of his daughters is gay. And Nancy Reagan’s support of stem-cell research — which she believes could help treat or cure the Alzheimer’s disease that claimed her husband — put her at odds with a widely held conservative stance.