Mises, Rothbard, Woods and Keiser

I started seeing grumblings last week about some blow up between Max “Bernanke is a Protestant” Keiser, and Tom Woods.  The whole thing was apparently over Max not bowing down to Mises and Rothbard which got the number one cheerleader Tom Woods quite riled up.  I do not know the ins and outs of what was said, and for the basis of this post it is somewhat irrelevant. 

After this article appeared on ZH I decided to briefly write my thoughts as well because I had wanted to get this out there for some time.

I always found it funny that the two people Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods revere the most in the space of Austrian Economics is Murray Rothbard and L v Mises (both jews of course).  I have been interested in this for some time, because arguably the Mises Institute run by Lew Rockwell is the biggest Austrian economics think tank on the planet.

I like Lew and Tom, I have listened to every one of Lew’s podcasts (many of which are stellar) and routinely post videos from both of them here on the blog.  So I am not an enemy of either of these men, yet I do find it curious that they are such cheerleaders for Mises  and Rothbard, to be honest it’s alittle scary.  I understand that Lew and Tom both knew Rothbard and that Lew knew Mises so it could just be that they happen to be in charge of keeping up their legacy, but to me it goes deeper than that.  By focusing on these two economists many other great economists take a back seat.  As I see it the L v Mises Institute exists to insure that Mises and Rothbard are remembered as the two heavy hitters and thus make two jews the patriarchs of the entirety of Austrian Economics thought.

To the new reader, or to the reader who doesn’t understand the realm of jewish influence this observation may seem boring, but the study of jews controlling both sides of a debate or movement I find very fascinating.   Today you have economists such as Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and Paul Kruggman who are also jews yet follow Keynesian principles, whereas the flip side (apparently) is Mises and Rothbard.  So you have the most prominent proponents on either side and they are all jewish?

“So what”, you may be saying, “they are all jewish, well not all jews have to agree on every subject” while this is true there is no more a cohesive group of people on planet earth than the jews and that is a fact, sure they will sell their own grandmother for a nickel (no honor among thieves) but when it comes down to promoting their own be it hollywood, the music industry or any other field they do it every single day.

I really have no direct conclusion with this post, just the fact that I find it quite odd that Lew and Tom spend a disproportionate amount of time building up the legacy of Rothbard and Mises where without Lew and Tom most people today wouldn’t even know their names.  If their contribution to economics was so great they wouldn’t need cheerleaders constantly reminding people of their importance, and the fact that they do it with such regularity and fervor just sends up a red flag with me. 

Ultimately I find it suspicious and unfortunate that nearly every major player in economics period now is jewish, and the people today who could be great on the Austrian side seem content to just give all the credit to jews of the past.