This Is Why

This is why we made Romney lose.

Remember when Ron Paul was at the GOP convention and his delegates were kicked out? Remember when this guy was trying to speak, probably trying for the love of republic and this old ignorant hag shoved paper in his face? Remember when they gave Ron Paul 89 seconds in the debates when the other candidates got 20 minutes? Remember when they blacked him out, totally leaving his name out of polls, removing his face from the graphics as though he didn’t even exist? Do you remember the documented GOP voter fraud in Maine, Nevada and Washington?  Do you remember every time you turned on the TV, radio or picked up a newspaper and Ron Paul was brought up, how he was a “racist, old, anti semitic, isolationist with a tin foiled hat”?

Maybe if you didn’t follow the campaign closely you have forgotten these things.  I haven’t forgotten.  We haven’t forgotten.  These atrocities are still fresh in our minds, it seems like yesterday I was livid about Ron Paul getting less than 1.5 minutes when everyone else got 20 and I took out my anger by doubling down, by reading more, writing more, talking to people about Ron Paul more.  I still remember 2008 when Giuliani tried to make Ron Paul look stupid on the national stage just so he could look patriotic.  And when the ghoul Carl Cameron disrespected Dr. Paul asking “the next question is on electability, do you have any sir”.  These things will never be forgotten, they are just fuel.

So We The People, the true patriots, the the remnant who wants to keep this once great republic just as the Founders intended, WE SHUT MITT ROMNEY AND THE ENTIRE GOP DOWN!

So think twice you rats before you fuck with us again.

Politico: Maine Objections Getting Serious?


As far as national political types are concerned, the Maine presidential caucus has been over and done with since Saturday; Ron Paul supporters’ objections to the outcome have been treated more or less as sore-loser griping.

The Bangor Daily News reports, however, that local complaints about the Maine process have been building, as communities that held their caucuses before Feb. 11 learn that their votes didn’t necessarily factor into the statewide count:

All along, state GOP officials said communities knew that their votes would not be included in the final results if they did not hold their caucus by Feb. 11.

However, a review of the town-by-town results released Saturday by the Maine GOP suggests that some communities that had caucused prior to Feb. 11 were not counted. Nearly all Waldo County towns held caucuses on Feb. 4 but those towns were blank in the results released by the state party. Additionally, Waterville held its caucuses ahead of time but their results were not included.

Waldo County GOP Chairman Raymond St. Onge said the results were sent to the state party on Tues., Feb. 7. He said those results probably would not have changed the outcome but was disheartened the votes were not included. …

Some big names already are urging the party to reconsider.

“I spoke with Chairman Webster [Saturday night] to express my strong view that our votes must count and to make the point that they certainly will count in the court of public opinion and in the media,” Senate President Kevin Raye of Perry said Sunday in a post on the Facebook page of Dean McGuire, president of Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

Regardless of how it affects the Romney-Paul count, Maine’s cleanup operation can’t be good for the already beaten-down caucus tradition itself.

Chicago Tribune On Maine Voter Fraud


Mitt Romney has already had a caucus victory in Iowa undone. Could his win in Maine be next?

On Saturday, the Maine Republican Party released the results of a presidential preference straw poll that had been conducted over several weeks at municipal caucuses. The party declared Romney the winner by 194 votes over Ron Paul.

The result was immediately called into question by supporters of the Texas congressman, and for good reason — not all the votes were counted. The tally was made public even though most towns in Washington County had yet to caucus — their meetings were postponed because of snow — and will instead be held this weekend.

Furthermore, the results published by the Maine GOP had no votes recorded from another 200 cities and towns. Some of the smaller locales were not scheduled to hold caucuses, though many others did.

Pressure has been building on the state GOP leadership to recount the votes. Chairman Charles Webster had told the Portland Press Herald on Wednesday that he did not want to do so until the state committee met next month.

That stance may be changing. Politico reported Thursday that Maine Republican Party leaders have contacted local party officials to ask them to “reconfirm” the vote totals. A spokesman for the party could not be reached Thursday, but a statement on the caucuses will be released Friday.

Though it criticized how the state party conducted the vote, Paul’s campaign has said it would not seek a recount on its own. Spokesman Jesse Benton told USA Today the campaign wasn’t interested in having the party review the “meaningless, partial” vote.

Maine’s caucuses were the most poorly attended of any of the GOP contests to date, with only a few thousand people turning out. The straw poll conducted at the local meetings has no impact on how the state will ultimately award its 24 delegates. Most will be selected at district and state conventions in May.

Still, the Romney victory was cheered by his campaign, especially after a trio of losses earlier in the week — in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado — to Rick Santorum. On his Twitter feed, Romney wrote Saturday: “I thank the voters of Maine. I’m committed to turning around America & am heartened to have the support of so many.”

It was Santorum who defeated Romney in Iowa’s caucus on Jan. 3, declared the victor by 34 votes two weeks after initial tallies had declared Romney the winner.

Reality Check: GOP Scrambles Under Rampant Election Fraud


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is back on track after winning the Maine caucuses.

What the headlines haven’t told you is that what happened in Maine is the messiest caucus Republicans have had so far, and it may not be over yet.

Maine, is not a major state during national primaries. Only 24 delegates come out of Maine to the national convention. But what happened there over the weekend does more than raise eyebrows. It is enough to make you question, was the caucus fixed?

Saturday night, February 11, the head of the Maine GOP, Charlie Webster, announced that Governor Mitt Romney won the Maine caucus by a slim margin.

Official totals read Romney barely winning the caucus by less than 200 votes.

The only problem, the governor was declared the winner with only 84 percent of precincts counted.

Two counties, Washington County and Hancock County had not yet held their caucuses. In Hancock, County Republicans had decided to hold their caucus this Saturday on February 18. In Washington County, the state GOP canceled the caucus because of snow concerns. Turns out, the area only got a light dusting.

The big problem here, Mr. Webster says even when those caucuses are held this Saturday, the votes won’t count. And that is just the beginning of the problems in Maine.

Ben has the Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else.