This Is Why

This is why we made Romney lose.

Remember when Ron Paul was at the GOP convention and his delegates were kicked out? Remember when this guy was trying to speak, probably trying for the love of republic and this old ignorant hag shoved paper in his face? Remember when they gave Ron Paul 89 seconds in the debates when the other candidates got 20 minutes? Remember when they blacked him out, totally leaving his name out of polls, removing his face from the graphics as though he didn’t even exist? Do you remember the documented GOP voter fraud in Maine, Nevada and Washington?  Do you remember every time you turned on the TV, radio or picked up a newspaper and Ron Paul was brought up, how he was a “racist, old, anti semitic, isolationist with a tin foiled hat”?

Maybe if you didn’t follow the campaign closely you have forgotten these things.  I haven’t forgotten.  We haven’t forgotten.  These atrocities are still fresh in our minds, it seems like yesterday I was livid about Ron Paul getting less than 1.5 minutes when everyone else got 20 and I took out my anger by doubling down, by reading more, writing more, talking to people about Ron Paul more.  I still remember 2008 when Giuliani tried to make Ron Paul look stupid on the national stage just so he could look patriotic.  And when the ghoul Carl Cameron disrespected Dr. Paul asking “the next question is on electability, do you have any sir”.  These things will never be forgotten, they are just fuel.

So We The People, the true patriots, the the remnant who wants to keep this once great republic just as the Founders intended, WE SHUT MITT ROMNEY AND THE ENTIRE GOP DOWN!

So think twice you rats before you fuck with us again.

You Did It America

Congratulations America, you did it. You rejected the only man who has a proven track record of abiding by the Constitution, the only one who is true to the vision of our founders. You pissed on this man, you laughed along with Hannity, you let Fox News and talk radio fill your head so full of shit it was running out of your ears.

The way Ron Paul was treated by the jews media and by the GOP left a taste so bitter in my mouth I will never forget it. I said at the time when Ron Paul was constantly slandered to the point where he lost the primary, that if he isn’t the nominee I hope they lose every single election from now until eternity. I’m not going to just go along and grab my ankles and vote for some marxist asshat like Mitt for Brains.

So way to go America, you rejected the only man who could’ve beaten Obama, twice.

People get the government they deserve, unfortunately in a democracy I also get the government they deserve. Which is one reason why democracy is a horrendous system.

Welcome to the USSA, land of retards.