Visit These Websites

These are some of the websites (now categorized) which I visit the most often. They all have great information and I use these websites to find stories to post here at Truth In Our Time.


Christian Identity

Anglo Saxon Israel

SwordBretheren’s Radio Show

Thy Weapon Of War

The Voice Of Christian Israel 

Jesus Was Not A Jew

Christian Zionism
(Not necessarily CI but still has some good info)



Mises (Great Economics Info)

Zero Hedge 



Obama Truth

The REAL John McCain

Campaign For Liberty



News From The West

We Hold These Truths

ANU News

Rogue Government

New Nation News


Pro-White Sites

Incog Man

Destroy Zionism


Curt Maynard’s Blog (No Longer Active)

Detroit IS Crap (No Longer Active)

Unity Of Nobility

The Truth About Martin Luther King

Anti White Media





5 thoughts on “Visit These Websites

    • Thanks for the links. I visit 4chan and 4chon regularly. They have a lot of good articles and sometimes discussion.

      The biggest downsides to imgboards is long threads with a ton of useful information eventually reaches page 10 and is gone for ever and all of the links, and thought out debate is pretty much all for nothing.

      That’s one of the big reason I started the forum,

  1. dear author of this site,

    i am just dropping by to let you know that you’re stupid as all hell. so dumb you might aswell be mentally retarded. your list of “banned” books is the biggest joke i have ever seen in my entire life. more than half of those are found in every library along the globe. all you do is eat-up everything that resonates with your fix ideology, you are the complete opposite of a critical thinker, you’re the sheep you despise so much. this is honestly pathetic. not believing in race equality is one thing, believing everything that is pro-white is another. you might just be the most gullible man i have ever come across and believe me, i’ve spent a lot of time on the internet. reflect on yourself and your life-decisions, pander about where they have brought you. for christ’s sake, read a scientific source once. try being actually critical, read two sources from both ends of the spectrum, because you’re doing the exact opposite now. you substantiate your poor “beliefs” with unverified information. i really do hope i could help you, but it seems like you’re a lost case. sometimes i wonder how people like you can sleep at night – telling themselves they are not deluded, just everyone else is. goodbye, sleep tight.

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